Friday, August 2, 2013

Three More Out the Door............

Good afternoon!  
My mailbox remains empty but that's okay.
I've got my momentum back and that's a good thing.

One of the reasons I like living in Las Vegas is because I like sunshine and warmth.
Currently, it's 96 degrees Fahrenheit which is pretty mild for summer.
It's humid and cloudy outside but I love it.

I usually don't write much on my mail blog because I think It would diminish what I write to my pen pals, but lately, I'm thinking I might change this.
It's like the old saying, "there's plenty of love to go around."
Or in this case, plenty of thoughts and ideas whether written in my blog, a letter or postcard.

It will be a gradual process but I hope to make this blog more interesting.

Yesterday, I mailed out three more letters.

These are going to Margie, Patt and Becky.

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for stopping by.