Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Morning Agenda

Good morning lovely people. The first thing I did this morning upon awakening was write a pen pal letter, the last one in my pile waiting for a reply. Whew! I can't believe it. Hopefully, when the next letter arrives, I'll be able to reply the same day or at least within a three day period. I vow never to go a full year before replying ever again. And I mean NEVER EVER again. So how is your morning going? Oh, you're probably hard at work. I get it. But hopefully, you enjoy the work you do.

This letter is headed to the big apple, New York, New York.

Now, I must get to work on cleaning my house and clearing out junk.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Outgoing Pen Pal Letter

Good afternoon. My how time flies. I can't believe it's after 1:00 p.m. already. Here's my outgoing pen pal mail for today.

I only have one letter left to reply to and then I'm all caught up on pen pal correspondence, unless I receive some pen pal letters in the mail today, which will be a delightful welcome.  Once I reply to the last letter waiting for me to respond, then I will start sending random items in the mail to pen pals, rumpus, etc. Gotta keep the flow going.

Now go have an amazing afternoon, or evening depending on where you are in the world.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Postcrossings to Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands

Good afternoon. Other than my husband and I eating breakfast at IHOP this morning, it's been an uneventful day. I've been on the computer for hours, not really doing much. My eyes are burning and it's time for me to get off this thing and get some blood circulating through my veins.  Here's three more Postcrossings out the door. I now have 11 traveling out og 15.

To the Netherlands.
I write: Hello Brigitte, I've only been to New Jersy once in my life but I have very fond memories of the trip. We rode a train from New Jersey to the "Big City" of New York. It was a great experience and New York was awesome. I wish you the ery best in your life. <3 Take Care, JarieLyn

To Russia.
I write: Greetings Natasha, the mint juliep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. Each year almost 120,000 mint juleps are served at Churchill Downs during a two day period of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby horse races. I attended the Kentucky Derby last year for vacation and I tried a mint julep and I thought it was terrible. Maybe you will try it too. :) 
<3 JarieLyn

To Germany.
I write: Hi Peter, Boulder City is a quaint little town just outside of Las Vegas. The bighorn sheep come and graze in this park often. Another wildlife common in the desert are wild burros and wild horses. the burros are my favorite because they are so darn cute. Have a happy day. <3 Wishing you all the best. JarieLyn

Postcrossings out the Door

Three more Postcrossings out the door. 

This cute lions are headed to Indonesia. 
I write: Greetings from Las Vegas! I am a collector of vintage postcards. I have about 5,000 cards in my collection. I especially love the ones that have detailed messages written on the back. I hope you get lots of key chains for your collection. Wishing you the best! <3 JarieLyn

This one is traveling to Canada.
I write: Hi Catherine, Today I hosted a Party-Lite candle party and had pizza for dinner. It was a hot day so I spent most of my time inside where it was cool. Now, the TV is entertaining me with recorded episodes of "Leah Rimini, It's all Relative". Cheers to a good life. <3 JarieLyn :)

These beauties are taking a slow boat to China.
I write: Greetings Luyu! It's been awhile since I"ve been horseback riding but I really enjoy it. All of my husband's family own horses and his brothers and nephews like to participate in roping competitions at the rodeo. Horses are magnificent animals. I wish you a happy life. <3 JarieLyn

Animals of Austalia

"That Dingo Ate My Baby". That's what I always hear in my mind when I see a photo of a dingo. I can't help it. Of course, that incident was a sad situation but it's funny how one little sentence can stick for years and years. How many people on this earth have used that line in a skit? No offense to anyone in Australia or anywhere else for that matter. 

This Postcrossing is obviously from Australia. See the dingo in the bottom right hand corner? 
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn all the way from the east coast of Australia. We are surrounded by beaches and often see whales and dolphins at play in the wild. I'm a mum of four kids and we love to go camping and spend most of our free time outdoors. Winter has just started. Our days are still warm and sunny but nights chilly. Sending you peace and happiness. <3 Bel

Other animals pictured above are Koala, Wombat, Sugar Glider, Pretty Face Wallaby, Eastern Water Dragon, and Dingo.

My neighbor's sister-in-law had a sugar glider as a pet. She used to bring it with her wherever she went. I saw it once and got to pet it. That was about five years ago. The sugar-glider died just a few months back. My neighbor's sister-in-law is heartbroken.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letters to Two Southern Ladies

I recently became aware that I don't have any pen pals on the west coast. It's not something that happened on purpose but I find it ironic that I long to live in the south and that's where most of my pen pals reside. Two more pen pal letters are south bound, one to Texas and one to South Carolina.

Darn, I forgot to photograph the envelope after I decorated it.

A newsletter pen pal letter. I tried it once before and thought it was a fun way to write a letter .

Incoming Postcards

Over the week-end, I received two postcards. One is an official Postcrossing and the other is from my pen pal, John who lives in the UK.

This Postcrossing came from San Diego. (I love it)
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn! Greetings from "America's finest city"-San Diego, CA. Hope you have an awesome day. Happy Postcrossing! Mary Lou & Greg.

This beautifufl image is of Tolsta, Isle of Lewis. My pen pal John is visiting his brother in Scottland.

I never tire of receiving postcards in the mail. I especially like it when friends and family send me cards while they are away on travel.

A Fragrant Letter

It's been a great week-end. Date night with hubby, pizza with friends, great mail and endermologie. Simple but pleasurable. I was delighted to receive a letter from Randall, and even more delighted when I opened it and the contents contained the sweet fragrance of lavendar. The aroma drifted upward, signaling my olfactory senses that something good was inside. Yes, indeed. Randall had sent me some real lavendar that he obtained from a lavendar farm in Virginia. It was pure pleasure to all of my senses, causing me to take a deep breath and revel in the aroma of purple flowers. Purple smells divine.

This photo is not representative of how pretty these sprigs are. The color is much more saturated in real life, vibrant with color and fragrance. My lavendar essential oils don't smell this good.

Thank you Randall for thinking of me. You are so thoughtful and it is greatly appreciated.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Outgoing Postcrossings

Good morning my lovelies. I'm getting caught up on letters and postcrossings today. Fortunately, I don't have a big pile of letters to reply to because I've slowly been dwindling that down. I sent two packages out yesterday, but didn't photograph them. One is headed to San Antonio, TX and the other is headed to Lynn in Connecticut. Today is already an awesome day. I have a date night with my husband to look forward to and I'm having a candle party tomorrow night with the girls.

This Postcrossing is headed to Ely, MN
I write: Hello AmyJean, I'm smiling because I loved reading about you carrying on the tradition of your grandmother's gum wrapper chain. Back in the 80's, my cousin made me a picture frame made out of gum wrappers and it's awesome. I still have it. My cousin passed away earlier this year so I am glad I have the frame in memory of him. Best of luck with your project. <3 JarieLyn

This Postcrossing card is traveling to Spain.
I write: Hello Carmen!! :)  My husband and I have lived in Las Vegas for many years but I grew up in Bakersfield, California which is where I hooked up with my husband at a reggae festival back in 1991. We've been together ever since. We are both ready for a new adventure somewhere else. I guess time will tell where we end up. Wishing you much love and happiness. <3 JarieLyn

This Postcrossing is headed to the Czech Republic.
I write: Dear Lucie, Mt. Charleston Lodge is just a short drive my home. They have cute little cabins you can rent for one night or more. It's a great place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Oh, and the air is fresh and smells of pine trees. I love it. Wishing you all the best! <3 JarieLyn

Wishing everyone a happy weekend. I'm looking forward to my date night.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm a Paper Whore, Specifically, a Postcard Whore

The title says it all. I collect paper and postcards like a nymphomaniac collects notches on her bedpost. I just can't help myself. I have a problem. Just like a whore who sleeps with every Tom, Dick, and Harry to fulfill some void in her soul, I need postcards, notecards and paper to fulfill something missing inside of me. If it wasn't paper, it would be something else. I know this because I have an addictive personality. I was addicted to cigarettes before I was finally able to quit ten years ago. Once I quit, I substituted smoking with eating. Yep, I turned to sweets. I'm just barely weaning myself away from that but not quite. I could go on and on with things that I need, but overall, I guess it's a positive thing that I'm addicted to buying paper, (unless it really turns into hoarding) because there are certainly a lot worse things I could be addicted to. You get my jist, I'm sure. 

Take a look at my stash. I'm sure it will make you feel much better about your own. 

All of the boxes in the above photo contains vintage postcards. I have them organized according to years, and whether or not they have been used/written and stamped.

These are the postcards in the big box that weigh about 35 pounds. All of these postcards are vintage but are unused. They range from early 1900's all the way to the late 90's or early 2000's.

This box contains all used/written/stamped cards from 1980's to 2000's.

The variety is quite extensive in this box.

1900's to 1940's. All used and written or stamped. This box contains a lot of my favorites, not neccesarily because of the images, but rather what is written on the back. Some of them are funny.

Just love all the colorful cards from the olden days.

1950's, 1960's and 1970's. All used, written or stamped.

When I first began collecting postcards, I was drawn to the early 1900's, but the more I collect, the more I am beginning to love the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Lately, I feel really drawn to old motel cards and roadside attractions. I love them all.

I started this box of postcards to put all the ugliest cards in and then I bought another couple of hundred mixed lot to add to my collection, and I didn't want to take the time to organize them so I just put them in the box with the ugly postcards. Some of these are used and some are unused.

Are you starting to see why I call myself a postcard whore?

This box contains all foreign postcards. I believe they are all unused but there may be some used ones that slipped in by accident.

This is where I store the vintage postcards that I am keeping for myself at the moment. Of course, the cards inside could be on rotation because what might be my favorite today, may not be my favorite tomorrow.  I'll show you a few samples of what's inside.

Don't you just love how colorful they are?

These little black and white dog postcards are one of my all time favorite series of cards. I think these cuties got their own blog post awhile back.

This drawer is full of notecards. This is only half of my stash.

This drawer contains only Christmas cards and Christmas related stuff like invitations, etc.
I love, love, love buying Christmas cards. I love sending Christmas cards every year to friends, family, acquaintances, pen pals, and for swaps. In fact, the only way I get Christmas cards back is to join a swap on swap-bot. So sad, don't you think?

This is my postcard stock that I have specifically for Postcrossing. These are all new cards that I get when I travel and/or that I buy from I like being prepared.

Of course, I need decorative paper for my computer. These are for the days when my arthritis is bad or I'm just lazy and would rather type than handwrite my letters.

I almost forgot the drawer that has stationery and writing sets/envelopes.

I still have hundreds of postcards that I didn't show you. These are the ones I get from Postcrossing and from pen pals, family and friends. I have them in a special place. When they first arrive in my mailbox I pin them to my bulletin board and they get displayed until new arrials take their place. I do not ever throw away pen pal letters or postcards but they are special to me. I cherish every word that everyone writes to me, including complete strangers.

So, do you feel better now. I bet your stash doesn't seem so huge now that you've seen mine.


Did I hear you say, "I'm a paper whore"?

I totally agree.


What are your favorite types of postcards?

If you'd like me to send you a random card from my collection, leave a comment specifying if you prefer it already written on, unwritten, or if you want me to write something on an unused card. You can send me a private message with your address after you leave a comment. 

Have an amazing night! 

I have a confession to make

Good morning loyal readers.  I have a confession to make. I have dual personality traits. One side of me is very detailed and organized while the other side of me is quite chaotic and messy. My office as a whole is pretty cluttered, however, there are a few spaces within my small confine that I think are very organized and I would like to show you that area.  It's mostly the area where I store all of my stationery and art supplies. I am always inspired when I read a blog post about storing mail/art supplies so I hope that my post might give someone else a bit of inspiration or an "aha" moment.

My office is tiny and the layout is sucky. There is a built in desk which was already here when we bought the house so it makes everything kind of limited on where I put things. My work station/desk area faces west. The drawers in the picture above face south, but they are arranged on the north end of my office.  If I swivel my chair slightly to the right, my elbow touches this storage chest. Yes, that's how tight my space is. Ugh! You can kind of see what I store in the drawers- paper clips, highlighters, washi tapes, self inking stamps, and miscellaneous.


Washi tapes take up two drawers.

Right next to the first storage chest is another one.  This is still within an arm's length and I can access everything quite easily. The black drawers contain business related items for my doTerra oils and the Make-Up Eraser. This is also where I store all of my etsy items that are currently listed for sale or about to be listed. The mini storage chest on top in the middle is one I have my hands constantly in and out of.  It's where I store all my glues. The green and purple krates house sticky notes, and then you can see the green and white polka dot can where my pens are.

A look inside. I use the glue sticks for mail art and for gluing my handmade envelopes. I use the other glue on the far left more than any other glue. This is what I use to moisten and glue my vintage stamps to envelopes. Then there's double sided tape which I also use on my envelopes.

The drawer containing some etsy items for sale.

The postcards I enclose with every etsy order thanking my cusomers.

These set of drawers are next to the bookcase that is next to the black storage drawers. This is not within reach but it's not something I need to use constantly. Starting from the bottom up, this houses some of my paper goods including stationery/writing papers, handmade envelopes, photo papers, miscellaneous papers, address labels, and another drawer of miscellany.  Next to this I have a table with two large printers. One that does everything and another that is a photo printer that can print up to 19x13 photos. And underneath that table is a set of teal storage drawers (like the black ones, only more narrow with just 4 drawers). The table with the printers are on the East end of the wall. 

All handmade envelopes, most by me, but some by others who sent them in a swap, etc.

Next, in another post I will show you the rest of my storage for postcards, notecards, greeting cards and more stationery. 

Did I confess that I might be a tad bit of a hoarder when it comes to paper?
Well, consider this my 2nd confession.

Now go have a wonderful, creative day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 Well Filled Out Postcards

Good afternoon. Today is my perfect kind of day. I woke up early and there was nothing pressing that I had to do, nor anywhere I had to be. It feels good to not have to be stressed out about doctor appointments, personal appointments, or household errands. Maybe it's the air that is making me feel so good. It hints at the possibility of rain and I can smell it. I love it. I also enjoy the little bit of humidity. Yeah, it feels like home, but somewhere far away from my current home. I dream.

A Postcrossing from China.
Sender writes: Hi JarieLyn! I know you like cute map cards. So I pick out this postcard. Hope you can like it. I love dog too. My family had raised a Schnauzer. I called it Douding. I like it very much. Every day with him together but because of various reason, it is no longer live. I always feel sad for this. Look forward to your reply.

This Postcrossing comes from Portugal.
The sender writes: Ola' Jarielyn, (hello in portuguese) I was born in Rio de Jainero, Brasil, and always like to travel. So when I did 23 years I decide to see the world! Now I am 37 Y.O. and I am taking my PhD in Coimbra. I fell in love with the city (and my husband :)) So I chose this postcard. It is a special edition in celebration of 725 years of the University of Coimbra. It is where I pretty much live, because beside studying I also work as a jounalist. I hope you like it! Best. Karine.

This little tiny angel comes from Russia.
Sender writes: Hello JarieLyn! My name is Katherina. I live in Tver, Russia. I hope you like this "angel" card :) on it is the words of Coco chanel and Sharon Stone. "If you were born without wings-let them grow." and "What vounts in life is not how you fall but how you rise!" All the best, Katherina.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A Nutty Delivery

One of my new favorite places to shop on-line is at They have so many good snacks, lots of organic and raw foods that are healthy. I only discovered quite recently-i'd say within the last two months or so and I've already placed several orders. Not only are the snacks good, but the packaging that it comes in is super cute. Also, in every order they always send a free sample of one of their delicious products to try for free. I love this place. Here's what I received in today's mail.

Doesn't this box just look so inviting? Who wouldn't want to tear right into this?

Cute, huh?

Even their packing slip is cute. 
I just love this place. The products are high quality and I use them all in my smoothies and for snacking.