Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something Different for My Mail Readers

Good morning friends!
Before I started posting about mail I posted regularly on my other blog, Write Place, Write Chick!
It started out as a writing blog and turned into something so completely different.
I joined a group called the Friday My Town Shoot Out Group in 2009 and every Friday we posted photos on a specific theme. Although I haven't posted regularly in quite some time, I still do participate with this group and I have made some great friends and learned a lot in the past few years.
Today, this photo group celebrates it's 4th anniversary and so I have posted an entry about what FMTSO means to me if you're interested in taking a peek.
You can enoy my post by clicking here.
Now on with yesterday's mail.
A reply letter in response to my reply letter from a LetterMo participant.
This is my second letter from Kate.
A reply letter for a letter I sent to a LetterMo participant.
My first letter from Denise.
A PC A Day from Oklahoma.
A Postcard A Day from Sacramento, California.
My outgoing:
A Postcard A Day (27)
This is on its way to Illinois for my best friened's son who is in bootcamp.
I couldn't help dispensing a little advice.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three for Three

Three coming in, three going out.
Inside my box:
From Washington State A PC A Day Swap (14)
A PC A Day Swap.. Image is of a church in Boston, but the card traveled from Texas.
A reply letter from a LetterMo participant.
This comes from Lisa in Switzerland.
Mailing out:
A PC A Day (26) traveling to Maryland.
A PC A Day (25) traveling to Oklahoma.
Group Swap: Postcard Scavenger Hunt traveling to Denver, Co.
I've noticed that the bloggers have slowed down on their posts.
I need my fix, where is everybody?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Postable: I have sent letters to everyone in my postable account.

Good Afternoon.
I am so glad you are here.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Here's today's mail call.
A Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
Greetings from chilly Holland. We miss spring and summer.
I hope it will come soon.
Life is too beautiful to spend it in the cold.
I will go sailing today int he snow.
A Postcrossing from Belarus.
The sender writes:
Greetings from Belarus!
My name is Sergei.
I live in Brest.
Wish you to spend this spring unforgettable!
Received this nice postcard from Jen, a LetterMo participant.
You can check out her blog here.
This is a reply to a postcard I sent out to a LetterMo participant.
This comes from Narcisz in Hungary.
Here's what I sent out today:
An introuctory letter to a LetterMo participant.
Another introductory letter to a LetterMo participant.
Introductory letter to a LetterMo participant.
I have sent out letters to everyone who added themselves to my postable account.
I had a total of 22 people, 3 of those I was already writing to anyway.
So that means that I sent out 18 letters/postcards to someone new.
Most of what I sent were letters.
I have also responded to everyone I received a letter from except for what I received today.
I think I did great considering that the first three weeks I couldn't hardly write due to pain.
I'm still open for new pen pals and people to write to.
If you're interested leave me a comment.
A postcrossing on its way to Massachussettes.
A Postcrossing on its way to Slovakia.
A Postcard A Day (23)
A Postcard A Day (24)
That completes my mail for today.
I hope all of your mailboxes are filled with love.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Postcard Saturday

Hi all.
It sure is windy here in Vegas today and I loathe the wind.
My mailbox wasn't filled to the brim today, but I did receive a few postcards.
A lovely multi-view Postcrossing from Belgium.
The sender writes:
Hi Jarielyn!
Wow, you live in Las Vegas!
I totally got this mainstream picture of Las Vegas but I bet you live in a "normal" house in a "normal" neighbourhood.
Am I right :)
I really liked the little text you wrote about yourself.
you seem to be the kind of person who I would be friend with :)
I hope you like my card.
Maastricht is the city where I go to college and it's in the Netherlands;
I'm also Dutch. I just live in Belgium, that's all. :)
I hope some day to lbe able to visit the USA, would be awesome.
xox Raquel
Thanks Raquel.
I appreciate the kind words.
Another Postcrossing, this one from Russia.
It arrived sealed in an envelope.
The sender writes:
My name is Lyubov.
I live in Penza, Russia.
I like art, good relax music, cooking and reading books.
If you send me a postcard in responce, I will be very happy.
With best wishes, Lyubov.
Happy Postcrossing.
Amazing Russian Stamps.
I love them.
A PC A Day swap (20)
Here's what I sent out today:
Two LetterMo postcards.
One on its way to Ukraine to a lovely person who left their information in my postable account.
The other one is for A PC A Day swap (22)
An official Postcrossing card traveling to Spain.
My first piece of mail to or from the country of Spain.
A letter going to a bloggin friend who also left her information in my postable account.
That's it for the mail this weekend.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Writing Spree

Last night and this morning I really got into the groove of writing letters.
It takes me a really long time to write just one letter so don't be disappointed in my outgoing.
My writing groove was more like intense focus of slow and steady wins the race rather than a writing marathon just to see how many letters I can get out in one day.
I also was feeling quite creative and made several envelopes by hand.
Of course, the final embellishments always come later when I feel inspiration about the person I'm sending the mail to, but at least I have some pretty colorful envelopes on the ready.
Today I received two postcards and one letter.
An official Postcrossing from Taiwan:
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn:
This is my first time to write postcard for foreign people.
I feel so excited!
I'm a college student.
I like watch TV especially cartoon and I also like to surf on the internet.
For me, Internet is useful and informative.
When I have questions I can find the solutions on the net.
Moreover, the oogle map is useful to find the new stores and restaurant.
A PC A Day (18)
A Letter from my swap partner for A Private Valentine Letter Swap.
My outgoing!
A letter to my husband's Aunt.
The backside
A letter to my pen pal Ally.
A reply letter to a LetterMo participant.
A letter for Mariska.
A very short letter to my friend, Deyanira.
A Surprise for someone international.
The backside of the large envelope.
A postcard goin to someone who put their info in my postable account.
This is going to Germany.
Total out:  5 letters, 1 surprise package, 1 postcard = 7 pieces of mail.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Return To Sender

Well today I got a piece of mail returned to me that I sent for Valentine's Day.
My hand wasn't as fast as my thoughts and I wrote the name of the city as the street.
Yep, I'm a dumb ass!
Thank goodness that condition is only temporary.
Here's what I received today that was actually for me from someone else.
A letter from Lucas!
R5 of The Adventures of the Traveling Postcard.
My swap partner made this postcard from her own photo and she was kind enough to send an extra for me to keep. 
It's adorable.
I wish you all could see it up close and personal.
That's all the good mail for today.
Here's what I sent out.
This is my resend in a new envelope.
A PC A Day (21)
A Postcrossing on its way to Ukraine.
That was it for my mail today.
Tomorrow shall be a little better for outgoing.
I've already written two letters and decorated the envelopes.

Decorated Envelopes & Lion King

I think one of my favorite things to do is decorate an envelope after I write a letter.
I try to do it before but it seems I get stuck for inspiration until I'm getting ready to send it.
Here's what went out yesterday:
I think washi tape is my new best friend.
It's amazing how a little strip of decoration can turn blah into ah.
The other side.
This is going to a LetterMo participant.
To my pen pal Angie.
The other side.
I found this dog clip art on line and I added the text inside, resized and created my own stickers.
To my pen pal John,
A reply letter to a LetterMo participant.
This is on the way to a LetterMo participant.
A Postcard A Day Swap (19)
An official Postcrossing on the way to Pennsyvania.
A Postcard A Day (20)
I was a busy little bee yesterday.
My mailbox was empty.
No mail at all.
Maybe today I'll get a greeting in the mail.