Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Postcard Scavenger Hunt

Good morning friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Week-end. I think most of us love getting personal mail just about more than anything.  Whenever I see a decorated envelope I get all excited and I cannot wait to see what's inside. Sometimes, reading a letter is like reading a book that you don't want to end because it's so good. That's how I feel about most every letter I receive. Sometimes you get the unexpected, like a challenge. Recently, my dear pen pal Rachel sent me a challenge by way of a postcard scavenger hunt.  I'm having fun trying to meet the challenges.

So far, I've only completed one of the tasks.

I received this lovely assortment from a flat mail swap on Swap-Bot.
There's notecards, recipe cards, stickers, postcards, and vintage ads.
It was a very nice swap.

That's all for the incoming.

Here's what went out in the last couple of days including today.

This is for the DS Paper, Paper, Paper, swap.

This is a Postcrossing going to Finland.

This is a Postcrossing traveling to Russia.

This is a postcrossing on its way to Poland.

This is for the big Notecard Stash Swap.

That's all for now folks.

I am working on replying to my pen pal letters.
It seems I've gotten behind again.

I've had out of town company and things have just kept me away from pen and paper.

Until later................

Smile, because you've got mail. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recent Mailings

Hello my friends.  I've been a bit lazy lately in documenting my mail. I'm behind in organizing what's been coming in. I have a system ( I will tell you about in another post) which I have been using for awhile however, lately, I have been straying from it just a bit which has thrown me off my game.  I am very detail oriented so it is irritating to me when I let things go.  Lucky for this blog, I still photograph everything that comes in. That's what I love about having a camera on my phone. All of my mail pictures are taken with my phone which makes blogging so much easier; no files to download.  All I have to do is share my gallery with google +.

Here's what's been coming in lately. Lots of good stuff.

A Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn,
Today's card from the Netherlands brings you a Dutch greeting!
(P.T.O. to see where this card comes from)
Happy Postcrossing and a lovely day.
greetings, F

Another Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
This card has nothing with Holland. 
I bought it on the door for a good target.
So I send it to you.
("Even which card it comes out my heart")
I hope you will accept it.
It is sunday morning, I write 2 cards and then go visiting my mother-in-law. (Mother's Day)
Greetings from 

I love the card. 

This one comes from Columbus, Ohio from a member of sendsomething.net.

A Postcrossing from Taiwan.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
Greetings from Taiwan.
My name is Janet.
I work part time at a preschool in the morning, and go to college to study English at night.
Hope you enjoy this card.
Best wishes,

A Postcrossing from Germany.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn, I like to travel!
My last great trip was to India the last year.
There you can see such trains and buses with many people!
I'm a mother of 4 adult children and a grandma of 3 little ones!
Have a good time and best wishes from Gariele.

A postcard from my friend Deyanira.

A thank you from Deyanira.

A creative letter from Becky the Snailmailer.

A letter from Patt.

A letter from Melanie, a new pen pal.
The stationery is very cute.

A Postcrossing from Germany.
The sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn,
Here's a sunset card for you. Hope you liek the view!
My name's Andrea and I'm sending this card from Munich. 
Other than Postcrossing, I love books, writing stories, TV shows, films and music.
I also enjoy to bake and travel; just returned from Rome.
Take care, Love Andrea.

A Postcrossing from Hong Kong.
The sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn,
Greetings from Hong Kong!
My name is Bunny and I'm 23 years old.
I love photography and travelling too.
I like movies more than TV.
I watch a lot of movies.
I love summer too.
I like to go to the beach.
Happy Postcrossing.

A Postcrossing from Ukraine.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn!
Today is the first day of spring and good weather after weeks of snow and rain.
I'm happy!

Well, this certainly is a happy card.
Looking at it makes me smile.

Well that's it for the incoming, heres what's been going out.

A postcard but I do not recall where it's travelling to.
Normally, I log it with a pic and a mail log but like I said, I've been slacking.

This is for my partner on Swap-Bot for Flat Paper Swap.
She already received it and liked everything inside.

A PC on its way to my friend, Vivian in California.

This is for my swap partner for Summer Lovin PC swap.

A Package for Deyanira.

A package for a pen pal.
It's really nothing special but I think the item is cute.

A Postcrossing on the way to Ukraine.

A Postcrossing on the way to Japan.

A Postcrossing on the way to Germany.

That's it folks.

Check back tomorrow or the next day for some more mail eye candy.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's a Flop!

Hello and Happy Tuesday.  My husband doesn't work on Monday, so instead of just two days to enjoy the weekend we get three. (normally, but not always).  We had quite a busy day yesterday. We were out of the house by 6:15 a.m. We went to breakfast after taking care of our first piece of business and then we ran some more errands and along the way we discovered Hotel Liquidation, a store that sells items that used to be in hotel rooms.  They had all kinds of stuff and I saw a really nice desk that would look good in my house but that item hadn't been priced yet because they just got it in so I couldn't buy it. My husband was interested in the little hotel safes. They also had orange juice glasses, coffee cups, lamps, tables, chairs, sofas, art, mirrors, pedicure sinks, poker tables, etc.  It was kind of cool and the items were fairly priced.  Well, this isn't what my post is about so I will get on with it.  

A couple of weeks ago I was at Michael's shopping for who knows what and I saw these dispensers for organizing washi tape. I have a lot of washi tape which I all ready have organized in a drawer but I thought the dispenser would make it easier to view the tapes and tear off the amount that I need . WRONG!
Take a look at this dispenser.

It came in a two pack.

Honestly this dispenser sucks big time. Forgive me for using a computer term, but it's not user friendly at all.
There's more of a chance of cutting myself than cutting the tape.

Over or under, that is the question that not only applies to toilet paper but to washi tape too.
It probably would work a little better if it was under but it doesn't matter to me because I hate this thing.
I wasted my money on this gadget and now it's just going to the goodwill store because I will not use it.

Here's how I previously and currently have my washi tapes organized.
It might be old school, but hey, I am getting up there in age.

A plastic three drawer stackable that sits on my desk and which I believe cost less than the washi tape dispenser.

AND I can fit more tapes into the drawer than I can onto the dispenser.

I also keep other stuff in the drawers like glue sticks.

Miniature washi tapes and ink pad.

So I urge you all to not waste your money on washi tape holder/dispenser.
It's a flop in my book.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Should Leave Town More Often

Hello friends!
 I woke up a little cranky this morning but the edginess I was feeling when I forced myself out of bed has disappeared, and now I am enjoying my computer time.
Even though it's all ready Wednesday, I feel like my weekend just ended.
My husband and I had a great road trip to California and we were able to spend some time with his mother, my sister and my mother, and none of them live in the same city.
When I checked my mail on Monday I was completely blown away.
My mailbox was full of good stuff.
I had letters.
Lots of letters from great people.
I also had oodles and oodles of postcards.
Is it improper to describe mail as delicious?
This is going to be a long post.
I debated whether or not to post each piece of mail individually and I decided I would.
Unless of course I changed my mind while in the middle of posting.
I'll start with the letters first because they made me the happiest.
A letter from Rachel full of goodness.
Her letter was enjoyable to read and she sent me some pictures and some postcards.
Loved it.
A letter from Mariska on cute stationery and pretty handmade envelope.
Loved it.
A letter from Jackie, also on very pretty paper and nice handmade envelope.
Love it.
A letter from Lisa, also very enjoyable.
My first metered stamp from France which I actually like very much.
A letter written on a notecard from L.R.
She also enclosed some cute flower memo sheets.
This one is from Ukraine.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn!
I send you a postcard.
I hope that it will "complement" to your collection.
Good luck.
This one is from China and I like it very much.
The sender writes:
It was too good not to show the whole thing.
Pretty stamps, Chinese writing, an English phrase, and a watermark of the paper which leads me to believe that the sender created this postcard with his own photographic image.
This one is from Malaysia.
The sender writes:
DURIAN- a Malaysian fruit, unique in taste.
From the good ole USA.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn,
Hope you enjoy this card as it is one of my favorites because we have these rustic structures all over town.
Every spring, we load up the dogs and head to the local farms to explore and photograph these beautiful barns.
Happy Postcrossing!
I like receiving cards from the USA just as much as I do from other countries.
This one is from Russia.
The sender writes:
Greetings from Moscow!
My name is Julia, I'm 19 y.o.
My hobbies are music and traveling.
Recently I visited USA.
I've been to LA, SF, and LV.
It was awesome!
I really love your country and I'll come back in September.
A Postcrossing from Taiwan, a variety of postcards sent in an envelope.
The sender didn't write anything at all.
Here's a photo of the other side of the envelope.
Here are a few swaps I received.
A Thank You Notecard Swap (from partner no. 1)
Thank you notecard swap (from partner no. 2)
Notecard swap # 3.
She sent some great cards.
Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover Swap.
This is a list of top five favorite books.
Random Postcards
This is a re-send of week one from one of my partners for the RR on Postcrossing.
From Ria sent during National Postcard Week.
How did I not know that it was National Postcard Week?
I mailed a few items before leaving town and I also sent out some mail yesterday all of which I forgot to photograph.
You'll have to trust me and take my word that mail left my address and is on the way to another location.
I hope you enjoyed my mail eye candy today.
Have a great afternoon!