Thursday, September 10, 2015

Too Many Hobbies?

Hello, It's way past evening here. In fact it's pretty dark outside. It's night time, however I'll say good morning because I know it's morning for some of you reading this post right now.  It's been awhile since I've posted anything mail related, even though I have been sending and receiving some good, happy mail.

The other day while I was getting my nails done, my manicurist/friend mentioned to me that she needed to get a hobby because she doesn't have any. She then preceded to tell me that I have too many hobbies. What does this have to do with a mail related blog, you ask? Everything, I say. Obviously, blogging about the mail I send and receive is one hobby, just as writing letters to pen pals and sending postcards all over the world via Postcrossing are another. I collect vintage postcards, new and used as well as vintage postage stamps. I also enjoy crafty things such as making my own envelopes and making mail art.  I enjoy many different types of creative pursuits.  I once wanted to start a newspaper column entitled, Ecclectic Wisdom.  Now, I write anonymous love letters to strangers and leave them in random places.

I am a gun owner and so I like to shoot. I enjoy picking up brass from spent rounds in the desert where gun enthusiasts go shooting.  It's very meditative in a weird sort of way. I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

I belong to a camera club, a psychic development group, and a spiritual group. I am interested in astrology, numerology, reincarnation and dream interpretation. I love engrossing myself in anything metaphysical and spiritual in nature. I am a certified Angel Card Reader and a certified Reiki II Holy Fire Practitioner. 

(Me and a couple of ladies from my psychic group at the John Edward event this past Friday)

I've always called myself a serial Entrepreneur. My longest and most successful business venture was my Private Investigations business which I closed in 2009. Since then I dabbled in a side business as a photographer, but realized I much preferred it as a hobby than a job. Currently, I am a wellness advocate for doTerra Essential Oils, I'm a distributor for the MakeUp Eraser, and I'm a distributor for OXO World Wide.  I also run an ETSY shop where I sell mail related items and other stuff.

Every week I pamper myself by getting endermologie treatments, Qigong, and every other week I have quantum biofeedback therapy sessions. 

Road trips? Yes, please. Anytime, anywhere. I'm a free spirit, an explorer, an adventurer. 

"You have too many hobbies", She said. What I heard was a very limiting statement. Too many hobbies? I think not. I am open to limitless possibilites. All of these hobbies and interests keep me evolving emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These hobbies are growth spurts. As Emily Dickinson says in my favorite quote, "The soul should always stand ajar, ready for the ecstatic experience." I believe her and so that's how I live my life, ready for the ecstatic experience. If I could only use one word to describe my true essence in this physical body, it would be this: CURIOUS.

I hope all of you feed your spirit with many hobbies because it only makes you more of what you already are-----an interesting person. be curious, be adventurous, just be.

I have so many more hobbies that I did not list.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Outgoing Postcrossings

Hello friends. It's been raining most of the day. I hope it ends before 9:00 tonight though because I have an outdoor activity planned with a group of people and if it is still raining it might ruin our plans. My fingers are crossed. I love the rain, but just not tonight, please.

A Postcrossing headed to Singapore.
I write: Hi Jant, it's been raining all day today which feels really good because it has cooled the temperature by at least 20 degrees. I love the rain, especially how it makes the air smell. It freshens evrything up. Have a wonderful day. <3 JarieLyn

This Postcrossing is going to France.
I write: Hi Lena, I also like WWII memorabilia. I like the 1940's in general. It seems like a very classy period in time. Sometimes, I wish the world could go back in time but without the war. Things were so much simpler back then. Have a great day. <3 JarieLyn

This one is traveling to  Switzerland.
I write: Hi Benno, greetings from Las Vegas! I have toured the Loretta Lynn Plantation home twice. The home sits on beautiful, lush, green acreage. The state of Tennessee is gorgeous and I wish to live there one day. Loretta Lynn still lives on this peoperty but in a different house, and hidden from the public. I hope you have a wonderful day. <3 JarieLyn

This card is on the way to Belarus.
I write: Hi Alexandr. I live in the amazing city of Las Vegas. I photographed these guitars while on bacation to Texas. This photograph also won 1st place in a photography competition so I am very proud of it. I don't listen to a lot of new music but my favorite current band is Arctic Monkeys. Other than that, I'm stuck in the 80's. Have a fabulous day and keep playing music. It's good for the soul.

This one is sailing to the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois.
I write: Greetings from Las Vegas! It's been raining most of the day and I love it. It's the kind of day that's perfect for writing letters or coloring in a coloring book. Have a fantastic day! <3 JarieLyn

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Morning Agenda

Good morning lovely people. The first thing I did this morning upon awakening was write a pen pal letter, the last one in my pile waiting for a reply. Whew! I can't believe it. Hopefully, when the next letter arrives, I'll be able to reply the same day or at least within a three day period. I vow never to go a full year before replying ever again. And I mean NEVER EVER again. So how is your morning going? Oh, you're probably hard at work. I get it. But hopefully, you enjoy the work you do.

This letter is headed to the big apple, New York, New York.

Now, I must get to work on cleaning my house and clearing out junk.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Outgoing Pen Pal Letter

Good afternoon. My how time flies. I can't believe it's after 1:00 p.m. already. Here's my outgoing pen pal mail for today.

I only have one letter left to reply to and then I'm all caught up on pen pal correspondence, unless I receive some pen pal letters in the mail today, which will be a delightful welcome.  Once I reply to the last letter waiting for me to respond, then I will start sending random items in the mail to pen pals, rumpus, etc. Gotta keep the flow going.

Now go have an amazing afternoon, or evening depending on where you are in the world.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Postcrossings to Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands

Good afternoon. Other than my husband and I eating breakfast at IHOP this morning, it's been an uneventful day. I've been on the computer for hours, not really doing much. My eyes are burning and it's time for me to get off this thing and get some blood circulating through my veins.  Here's three more Postcrossings out the door. I now have 11 traveling out og 15.

To the Netherlands.
I write: Hello Brigitte, I've only been to New Jersy once in my life but I have very fond memories of the trip. We rode a train from New Jersey to the "Big City" of New York. It was a great experience and New York was awesome. I wish you the ery best in your life. <3 Take Care, JarieLyn

To Russia.
I write: Greetings Natasha, the mint juliep is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. Each year almost 120,000 mint juleps are served at Churchill Downs during a two day period of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby horse races. I attended the Kentucky Derby last year for vacation and I tried a mint julep and I thought it was terrible. Maybe you will try it too. :) 
<3 JarieLyn

To Germany.
I write: Hi Peter, Boulder City is a quaint little town just outside of Las Vegas. The bighorn sheep come and graze in this park often. Another wildlife common in the desert are wild burros and wild horses. the burros are my favorite because they are so darn cute. Have a happy day. <3 Wishing you all the best. JarieLyn

Postcrossings out the Door

Three more Postcrossings out the door. 

This cute lions are headed to Indonesia. 
I write: Greetings from Las Vegas! I am a collector of vintage postcards. I have about 5,000 cards in my collection. I especially love the ones that have detailed messages written on the back. I hope you get lots of key chains for your collection. Wishing you the best! <3 JarieLyn

This one is traveling to Canada.
I write: Hi Catherine, Today I hosted a Party-Lite candle party and had pizza for dinner. It was a hot day so I spent most of my time inside where it was cool. Now, the TV is entertaining me with recorded episodes of "Leah Rimini, It's all Relative". Cheers to a good life. <3 JarieLyn :)

These beauties are taking a slow boat to China.
I write: Greetings Luyu! It's been awhile since I"ve been horseback riding but I really enjoy it. All of my husband's family own horses and his brothers and nephews like to participate in roping competitions at the rodeo. Horses are magnificent animals. I wish you a happy life. <3 JarieLyn

Animals of Austalia

"That Dingo Ate My Baby". That's what I always hear in my mind when I see a photo of a dingo. I can't help it. Of course, that incident was a sad situation but it's funny how one little sentence can stick for years and years. How many people on this earth have used that line in a skit? No offense to anyone in Australia or anywhere else for that matter. 

This Postcrossing is obviously from Australia. See the dingo in the bottom right hand corner? 
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn all the way from the east coast of Australia. We are surrounded by beaches and often see whales and dolphins at play in the wild. I'm a mum of four kids and we love to go camping and spend most of our free time outdoors. Winter has just started. Our days are still warm and sunny but nights chilly. Sending you peace and happiness. <3 Bel

Other animals pictured above are Koala, Wombat, Sugar Glider, Pretty Face Wallaby, Eastern Water Dragon, and Dingo.

My neighbor's sister-in-law had a sugar glider as a pet. She used to bring it with her wherever she went. I saw it once and got to pet it. That was about five years ago. The sugar-glider died just a few months back. My neighbor's sister-in-law is heartbroken.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letters to Two Southern Ladies

I recently became aware that I don't have any pen pals on the west coast. It's not something that happened on purpose but I find it ironic that I long to live in the south and that's where most of my pen pals reside. Two more pen pal letters are south bound, one to Texas and one to South Carolina.

Darn, I forgot to photograph the envelope after I decorated it.

A newsletter pen pal letter. I tried it once before and thought it was a fun way to write a letter .

Incoming Postcards

Over the week-end, I received two postcards. One is an official Postcrossing and the other is from my pen pal, John who lives in the UK.

This Postcrossing came from San Diego. (I love it)
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn! Greetings from "America's finest city"-San Diego, CA. Hope you have an awesome day. Happy Postcrossing! Mary Lou & Greg.

This beautifufl image is of Tolsta, Isle of Lewis. My pen pal John is visiting his brother in Scottland.

I never tire of receiving postcards in the mail. I especially like it when friends and family send me cards while they are away on travel.

A Fragrant Letter

It's been a great week-end. Date night with hubby, pizza with friends, great mail and endermologie. Simple but pleasurable. I was delighted to receive a letter from Randall, and even more delighted when I opened it and the contents contained the sweet fragrance of lavendar. The aroma drifted upward, signaling my olfactory senses that something good was inside. Yes, indeed. Randall had sent me some real lavendar that he obtained from a lavendar farm in Virginia. It was pure pleasure to all of my senses, causing me to take a deep breath and revel in the aroma of purple flowers. Purple smells divine.

This photo is not representative of how pretty these sprigs are. The color is much more saturated in real life, vibrant with color and fragrance. My lavendar essential oils don't smell this good.

Thank you Randall for thinking of me. You are so thoughtful and it is greatly appreciated.