Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Delivered by an Angel

I love angels. I talk to them and I channel messages from them. Some of you may think it's crazy talk and that's okay. We all believe what we want to believe. Some people talk to God and listen to his guidance. For me, it's the same thing.

This Postcrossing is traveling to Nebraska.
I write: Hi Lindsey, I can't imagine what it's like living in a town with a population of 386. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada where the population is over 2 million. I do long for small town life though. My dream is to someday live on the outskirts of Nashville, TN. There, I could have the best of both worlds. Small town life with access to the big city. Wishing you all the best. <3 JarieLyn

A Trip to New Jersey

I took a road trip to New Jersey once. It was a long time ago when my step mom lived there for a short stint due to work responsibilities. My husband had a class in Wrentham, MA so I flew to Boston with him. We rented a car and drove another 30 miles or so to our destination. While he was in his class during the day, I would drive around exploring places. On my own, I drove to Providence, Rhode Island and to Cambridge University and all over here and there.

When my husband's classes were completed we decided to finish out our trip by driving to New Jersey to visit my step mom. To get there we had to drive through Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. That was quite an experience. I thought I knew what tall buildings were considering how often I had been to L.A. Well, I didn't know shit. The buildings in New York were overwhelming and it was almost terrifying driving through it at first. We survived going across the Washington bridge in congested traffic and we made it to New Jersey in just a few short hours. No problem! Garfield, New Jersey. That's where my step-mom was living at the time. Why am I writing all of this? Because I needed something to lead in to the pen pal letter I just wrote. It's going on its own journey to New Jersey. That's why.

Write on!

Incoming Letters

Good morning my friends. I've been up for over an hour yet I'm still yawning. Have I mentioned before that I'm not a morning person? I've got a busy day ahead of me but I always like to start my day reading blogs and posting on mine if I have something to post. Well, knock me over with a feather because I got some letters in the mail yesterday which means I am able to make a post. I know some people don't like showing the mail they receive because they think it's showing off. Well, in a sense it is, but not in a "look at me, I'm so special" kind of way. but more like a "see, there are people out there who still enjoy writing real letters" kinda of way. And that's why I show them off. But all of you mail people know that all ready. This is for those of you who stumbled on my blog accidentally.

Two great letters, one from New York and one from Connecticut. Reading a letter is like reading a really good book, except it's a lot shorter. Every time you read a letter from the same person it's like reading the next chapter in a book, only it's the next chapter in the person's real life.

Have a great day creating your next chapter.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Life is Better with Friends and Twins

I'm a loner but I agree that life is better with friends. There's no need to elaborate on the subject.

This Postcrossing arrived in my mailbox from the Netherlands.
The sender writes: Dear JarieLyn, a life together is so much nicer. I'm married now 1 month at 15 May and we are 7 years together. Happy Postcrossing greetings. Rog

This Postcrossing came from Canada.
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn! We are 6 year old twins from Alberta Canada! We joined postcrossing with our mom so we could learn how mail works. It is so cool to see the postcards in our mailbox! Have a good week. Audrey and Sophia.

Those two twins signed their own names which is adorable. That alone makes this card special.

Four More but Who's Keeping Score?

Good morning. It's bright and sunny with a chance of sweating to death. Ugh! I'm staying cool though. When I finish this post, I'm out the door and I can't wait to get Amazing Greens Smoothie from Jamba Juice. Whole foods, no sweeteners added, and good for me. My mouth is watering all ready. What are you looking forward to today? A letter, possibly?

A long, overdue letter headed to New York.

Another long, overdue letter but this one is traveling to Wisconsin.

This one is going to Georgia, sweet Georgia.

This little alien is hitching a ride all the way to The Netherlands.

I'm also all caught up on my correspondence. It feels great to have written so many replies that were so overdue. I promise to never get that behind again. I love to write letters.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Making Progress

Today, my husband and I went for a drive, but prior to leaving the house I actually wrote two pen-pal letters and put them in the mailox to travel to their recipients. Ah, making progress.

The above letter is on the way to the United Kingdom.

This piece of mail is traveling to Texas. I wrote a brief note to suffice until I can write a real reply.

Have a great night everyone.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pen Pal Letter Out the Door.

Little by little, I'm catching up on correspondence starting with my most recently received letters. I figure I'm so far behind on the rest, that it will be better to reply to those who have most recently sent me mail. Then I won't get behind on those letters.  Seriously, I'm behind in some letters by a year.

Letter going to South Carolina in a handmade envelope, adorned with vintage stamps.

Hopefully, I will get another letter or two written by the end of tonight.

Princeton Battlefield

Howdy!  Hope your day is going well. As always, mine is fabulous because it just is.
Here's a Postcrossing that went out last night.

A beautiful tree in the Princeton Battlefield State Park, New Jersey.
This postcard is traveling to China.
I write: Hello! My name is JarieLyn and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's currently 110'F but I'm keeping cool by staying inside. In addition to Postcrossing, I enjoy being creative. I like working with paper crafts but I also enjoy making wire wrapped trees of life. I wish you much happiness. <3 Be true to yourself.  ~ JarieLyn

Polka Dot Cuties, Bagpipes, and Purple Leaves

Greetings from the hot, dry, desert. Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. Here are some recent incoming Postcrossings that I received.

This ought to cool you down. 
Two polka dot cuties from Great Britain.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, I hope you'll like this cute pair! They seem to be having fun! :)

This card comes to me from Bulgaria. My first card from this country I believe.
The sender writes: Hello, Greetings from Bulgaria! I'm Andon and I live in a beautiful small town of Smulyam. The region is famous with its folklore music. The Rhodopes are a birth place of the legendary Orpheus. He can charm all living things and even stons with his music. The sound of 100 kaba bagpipes in one place is amazing. Best wishes.

A pretty postcard from Belarus.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, greetings from Belarus. I ahve my english exam tomorrow but I haven't prepared for it at all. :D  Hope I'll be lucky enough to pass it. Try not to leave such things for the last minute as I do. Best wishes. Have a nice day! Irina.

I just love how everyone is so different in what they write, and yet we are all so much alike too.

Summer Fun

Good Morning Lovelies. I'm probably stil sleeping, as this is a scheduled post. I like getting up early but really, I'm not a morning person at all. I love to sleep. My dreams are usually vivid and full of activity which is probably why I love sleeping so much. Ha ha.

Here are a couple of Postcrossings that I catergorized as summer fun because they both contain water.

Doesn't that look like fun? 
This postcard comes to me from the Netherlands.
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn, I live in a small village nearby the sea and some lakes. On a hot day like today, it is so nice to jump in the water after work. Love that :) Have a great day! Corien.

This postcard comes to me from Portugal.
The sender writes: Ola! Greetings from a very hot Lisben. (+ 31'c) Here you have the map of the south of Portugal-where you find the most beautigul beaches of the country. (and also lots and lots of tourists) I've never been in Las Vegas. My favorite cities are Chicago (I lived there) and Boston. All the best. Alice.

Beautiful water. I will dream of a house on a lake, and dive in before I wake.