Gratitude Heals All Wounds. ~JLR

Hello Everyone,

I am so grateful that you decided to read this page.  It's not an accident that you were led here at this time. There are no coincidences, only gentle guidance from your angels.

Every day I begin the day with a fresh perspective. If I keep my heart open and my ears tuned in, and my mind clear, I am able to feel gratitude over the smallest things. Life is happening all around us and it is full of smiles and generosity and opportunities.  It is our job to notice and to be thankful for those moments. It is our obligation to show gratitude for those who show us kindness.

I am in constant gratitude for my angels, my husband, my family, my friends and pen pals.

Everyone I meet comes into my life to help me in some way whether it be just briefly or long term. They could cross my path for a reason as simple as giving me a compliment when I'm feeling really ugly or bad about myself, or they may cross my path to teach me a valuable lesson that I may be struggling with. Whatever the reason, I embrace the opportunity to acknowledge it and let it reside within my heart so that I can learn from it and become a better person.

Who are you grateful for today?

Gratitude means nothing if it resides in silence.

Why don't you express your gratitude to that person who made you smile or helped you out when you needed it, or cooked a meal for you or just listened to you?

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