Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Delivered by an Angel

I love angels. I talk to them and I channel messages from them. Some of you may think it's crazy talk and that's okay. We all believe what we want to believe. Some people talk to God and listen to his guidance. For me, it's the same thing.

This Postcrossing is traveling to Nebraska.
I write: Hi Lindsey, I can't imagine what it's like living in a town with a population of 386. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada where the population is over 2 million. I do long for small town life though. My dream is to someday live on the outskirts of Nashville, TN. There, I could have the best of both worlds. Small town life with access to the big city. Wishing you all the best. <3 JarieLyn

A Trip to New Jersey

I took a road trip to New Jersey once. It was a long time ago when my step mom lived there for a short stint due to work responsibilities. My husband had a class in Wrentham, MA so I flew to Boston with him. We rented a car and drove another 30 miles or so to our destination. While he was in his class during the day, I would drive around exploring places. On my own, I drove to Providence, Rhode Island and to Cambridge University and all over here and there.

When my husband's classes were completed we decided to finish out our trip by driving to New Jersey to visit my step mom. To get there we had to drive through Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. That was quite an experience. I thought I knew what tall buildings were considering how often I had been to L.A. Well, I didn't know shit. The buildings in New York were overwhelming and it was almost terrifying driving through it at first. We survived going across the Washington bridge in congested traffic and we made it to New Jersey in just a few short hours. No problem! Garfield, New Jersey. That's where my step-mom was living at the time. Why am I writing all of this? Because I needed something to lead in to the pen pal letter I just wrote. It's going on its own journey to New Jersey. That's why.

Write on!

Incoming Letters

Good morning my friends. I've been up for over an hour yet I'm still yawning. Have I mentioned before that I'm not a morning person? I've got a busy day ahead of me but I always like to start my day reading blogs and posting on mine if I have something to post. Well, knock me over with a feather because I got some letters in the mail yesterday which means I am able to make a post. I know some people don't like showing the mail they receive because they think it's showing off. Well, in a sense it is, but not in a "look at me, I'm so special" kind of way. but more like a "see, there are people out there who still enjoy writing real letters" kinda of way. And that's why I show them off. But all of you mail people know that all ready. This is for those of you who stumbled on my blog accidentally.

Two great letters, one from New York and one from Connecticut. Reading a letter is like reading a really good book, except it's a lot shorter. Every time you read a letter from the same person it's like reading the next chapter in a book, only it's the next chapter in the person's real life.

Have a great day creating your next chapter.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Life is Better with Friends and Twins

I'm a loner but I agree that life is better with friends. There's no need to elaborate on the subject.

This Postcrossing arrived in my mailbox from the Netherlands.
The sender writes: Dear JarieLyn, a life together is so much nicer. I'm married now 1 month at 15 May and we are 7 years together. Happy Postcrossing greetings. Rog

This Postcrossing came from Canada.
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn! We are 6 year old twins from Alberta Canada! We joined postcrossing with our mom so we could learn how mail works. It is so cool to see the postcards in our mailbox! Have a good week. Audrey and Sophia.

Those two twins signed their own names which is adorable. That alone makes this card special.

Four More but Who's Keeping Score?

Good morning. It's bright and sunny with a chance of sweating to death. Ugh! I'm staying cool though. When I finish this post, I'm out the door and I can't wait to get Amazing Greens Smoothie from Jamba Juice. Whole foods, no sweeteners added, and good for me. My mouth is watering all ready. What are you looking forward to today? A letter, possibly?

A long, overdue letter headed to New York.

Another long, overdue letter but this one is traveling to Wisconsin.

This one is going to Georgia, sweet Georgia.

This little alien is hitching a ride all the way to The Netherlands.

I'm also all caught up on my correspondence. It feels great to have written so many replies that were so overdue. I promise to never get that behind again. I love to write letters.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Making Progress

Today, my husband and I went for a drive, but prior to leaving the house I actually wrote two pen-pal letters and put them in the mailox to travel to their recipients. Ah, making progress.

The above letter is on the way to the United Kingdom.

This piece of mail is traveling to Texas. I wrote a brief note to suffice until I can write a real reply.

Have a great night everyone.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pen Pal Letter Out the Door.

Little by little, I'm catching up on correspondence starting with my most recently received letters. I figure I'm so far behind on the rest, that it will be better to reply to those who have most recently sent me mail. Then I won't get behind on those letters.  Seriously, I'm behind in some letters by a year.

Letter going to South Carolina in a handmade envelope, adorned with vintage stamps.

Hopefully, I will get another letter or two written by the end of tonight.

Princeton Battlefield

Howdy!  Hope your day is going well. As always, mine is fabulous because it just is.
Here's a Postcrossing that went out last night.

A beautiful tree in the Princeton Battlefield State Park, New Jersey.
This postcard is traveling to China.
I write: Hello! My name is JarieLyn and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's currently 110'F but I'm keeping cool by staying inside. In addition to Postcrossing, I enjoy being creative. I like working with paper crafts but I also enjoy making wire wrapped trees of life. I wish you much happiness. <3 Be true to yourself.  ~ JarieLyn

Polka Dot Cuties, Bagpipes, and Purple Leaves

Greetings from the hot, dry, desert. Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. Here are some recent incoming Postcrossings that I received.

This ought to cool you down. 
Two polka dot cuties from Great Britain.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, I hope you'll like this cute pair! They seem to be having fun! :)

This card comes to me from Bulgaria. My first card from this country I believe.
The sender writes: Hello, Greetings from Bulgaria! I'm Andon and I live in a beautiful small town of Smulyam. The region is famous with its folklore music. The Rhodopes are a birth place of the legendary Orpheus. He can charm all living things and even stons with his music. The sound of 100 kaba bagpipes in one place is amazing. Best wishes.

A pretty postcard from Belarus.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, greetings from Belarus. I ahve my english exam tomorrow but I haven't prepared for it at all. :D  Hope I'll be lucky enough to pass it. Try not to leave such things for the last minute as I do. Best wishes. Have a nice day! Irina.

I just love how everyone is so different in what they write, and yet we are all so much alike too.

Summer Fun

Good Morning Lovelies. I'm probably stil sleeping, as this is a scheduled post. I like getting up early but really, I'm not a morning person at all. I love to sleep. My dreams are usually vivid and full of activity which is probably why I love sleeping so much. Ha ha.

Here are a couple of Postcrossings that I catergorized as summer fun because they both contain water.

Doesn't that look like fun? 
This postcard comes to me from the Netherlands.
The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn, I live in a small village nearby the sea and some lakes. On a hot day like today, it is so nice to jump in the water after work. Love that :) Have a great day! Corien.

This postcard comes to me from Portugal.
The sender writes: Ola! Greetings from a very hot Lisben. (+ 31'c) Here you have the map of the south of Portugal-where you find the most beautigul beaches of the country. (and also lots and lots of tourists) I've never been in Las Vegas. My favorite cities are Chicago (I lived there) and Boston. All the best. Alice.

Beautiful water. I will dream of a house on a lake, and dive in before I wake.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sealed With Wax

Hello and good evening.  I can't recall the last time I received a letter sealed with wax, but today was one of those days.  Not only is the letter sealed with pretty wax, but the envelope has some colorful drawings on it that are so adorably cute. The letter comes from a fellow blogger who also loves mail. I am more than happy to link you to her blog, but first I want to make sure it's all right with her before doing so.

Notice that it comes from South Carolina. I love the south.

So cute. I wish I had a talent for drawing. I really do.

Update:  Here is a link to the sender's blog.

Today's outgoing mail

Hello. I planned on writing this post early this morning but as usual, procrastination took hold of me. I'm sure some of you can relate to that. Ha ha.  Well, here's the mail I sent out today. One Postcrossing and one pen pal letter.

This image of the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville is headed to Russia.
I write: Dear Olesya, I live in Las VEgas, Nevada but I really love Nashville, Tennessee. Sometimes I can see and hear spirits. I belong to a group where we practice giving each other readings. Wishing you all the best. <3 JarieLyn

A letter on the way to Rachel in Illinois.

It's a hot one here, but I'm not complaining. I feel very fortunate to have the sun shine down upon me.

Have a great evening.

Monday, June 22, 2015

"V" is for Victory Mail (V-Mail)

Photo courtesy of  Library of Congress

All of my life it seems, I have been fascinated with the 1940's, and the history of World War II. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to this era but I've always loved the syle of clothes, the hairdos, the simpler way of life, the music, and the correspondence. Some of my favorite black and white movies were made in the 1940's.

I've stumbled upon many websites that preserve letters from World War II. Each and every one of them are so insightful and evokes in me a sense of pride and awe. Following is a sample of a V-Mail letter on the Daily Herald website. I enjoyed reading this letter a great deal. I hope you will too.

To learn more about what V-Mail is and how it operated, you can click here to read it on Wikipedia.

I read the above book a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It's about 3 sisters living in Chicago during world war II. Each evening the sisters sit at their kitchen table writing letters to soldiers in the war. One sister writes to her fiance', another to a man she wishes would propose, and the last sister to an ever changing group of men she meets at USO dances. The characters are strong and the story line is phenomenal. You really feel like you are back in 1943.

Here is an excerpt from the book: A letter from one of the soldiers to one of the sisters.

April 4th, 1944 "Somewhere in the Pacific"

"I'm sitting her in the tent with a cup of joe. I've been waiting for a quiet time to write this letter, and now that time is here. I just had a luxurious bath in a stream with two nets stretched across either end to keep out the alligators. Then I took a walk ot enjoy the view: shattered coconut trees, obertutned jeeps, and whatnot. Oh hell, I guess I'll skip the preeview and go right to the feature.

     "Kitty, it seems like I'll never be your kind of guy. You've changed, and I have, too.  I'm not the man you said good-bye to  at the train station. Or maybe we always were different and we had to be apart in order to see that. I do think of you. I think a lot about you and your sisters, too. The Heaney sisters, wowser, best of the Midwest. But evreything back home seems like it's a movie or something, an out-of-focus movie at that. Maybe it would be best if you and I stopped writing. Seems like you might have more in common with that othr guy; you kind of tipped your mitt when you mixed up letter that time. And to be frank, it seems like I have more in common with Tish. I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings for me to say so. Maybe you already know. But I can tell it's a strain for you to write to me, and it's hard for me to write to you, too. I just don't know what to say.

"Kitty, you know I'll always love you. but not that way. I think you wanted me to slip you some ice for the fourth digit before I left but I just didn't see us a married couple and now I see I was right. I hope we'll still be friends.


"P.S. thanks for that picutre you sent. Nice lid. You always did look swell in hats."

I have just listed sets of V-Mail Envelopes in my ETSY shop. I hope you will check it out.

Have a great night everyone.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Postcards from Belgium and Denmark

Two more lovely postcards rolled into my mailbox, one from Belgium and one from Denmark.

A colorful map of Denmark.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, Greetings from Denmark. My name's Kirsten, I'm a retired teacher. I live in Horsens, sort of in the middle of the country. Tonight the British boy-band, "One Direction" is playing here. We have many concerts in Horsens, and even though I live 3 miles from it all, I can hear the music in my house (or garden). I have visited Las Vegas twice-stayed at Motel 6 both times. LOVED IT! I don't gamble at all, but LOVED my visits al the same. It's GRAND! Take care and best wishes, Kirsten.

This traveled from Belgium but I believe this is an image from Lake Havasu, Arizona from what I can get out of the back of the postcard. The corporate printe reads: Barque Aux Chutes Havasu, USA.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, This phoot really gives me a summer holiday feeling. Postcrossing greetings, (A)

Beautiful, Beautiful. I love boating. 

A Puppy and a Kitten!

I love, love, love animals. I especially love dogs and cats and adore them as puppies and kittens.  And I am sure you are going to love these postcards. If they don't make you smile then I'm not sure what could melt your cold, cold heart, because these fur babies are just the cutest ever.

This little guy is from France.
The sender writes: For you this little dog as you like! As you, I love any animals. I love a cat called "OLYMPE". Best regards, Catherine.

This little sweetie traveled all the way from the Czech Republic.
The sender writes: Hello :) My name is Romana and I send you hello from Czech Republic :) I read that you like shoes. Me too. I have a lot o high-heels shoes and other style :) My favorite season is summer too. I like swimming and sunbathing. Best Wishes. Romana.

Two little cutie patooties wishing you a good night.

Postcards from Germany

Good evening. Here are three Postcrossing cards I received from Germany.

A fabulous Mercedes.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn! I'm Melanie from Wiesbadem, Wiesbadem is an old Spa town. I work as a soft ware engineer. In my spare time I like long walks in nature. I'm very interested in history and architecture. And Wiesbaden is the perfect place for me. The buildings are almost all attributable to the classicism, hstoricism and art noubeau. I am going on foot, everyday and discover new interesting places. Many greetings. Melanie.

The top card is from Josephine. 
She writes: Dear JarieLyn! The boat on the card is the Queen Mary 2. It's unbelievable large! I never traveled with such a cruise liner, and I probably won't. :) It's too scary. But I hope you like the picture anyway. Happy Postcrossing and greetings from Hamburg! Josephine

The second sender writes: Helllo, Greetings and all best wishes from germany's No. 1 touist destinations. Hav a nice time, bye. (S.)

All the cards are quite lovely.


What a gorgeous day it is. It's only 10:00 a.m. and my husband and I have already been down on the Las Vegas Strip photographing people and architecture with some other camera buddies. Can you believe I made it out of bed at 3:45 this morning? I am NOT a morning person, but it sure does feel good to have been so productive already. Our group also had a huge breakfast at The Peppermill. Excellent food I must say, but gigantic portions. Too much for me.

Smile! Here's some outgoing postcards and a letter to brighten someone's day. Enjoy the visual.

This happy guy is going to Germany.
I write: Hi Kathleen!  I live in Las Vegas. Today, my friend and I drove to the mountains and had a picnic and went for a hike. I absolutely love the smell of the pine trees. Have a beautiul life. Remember to stop and smell the roses. <3 JarieLyn

This is a condolence letter to a person I've never written to before. Her boyfriend died suddenly and unexpectedly at the young age of 24. My heart goes out to her.

This one is traveling to Japan.
I write: Hello Reiko, I am 50 years old woman living in Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband. Summer is here and it's hot but I love it. It's currently 104'F outside but I am relaing inside with the air conditioner on. I love my life. <3 Wishing you lots of joy. JarieLyn

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life in Letters

Sometimes the US Postal Service blog has some really great articles. I read one tonight that was very heartwarming about a friend who helped another woman get through cancer by sending her a letter every single day until she was cancer free. You can read about it here.

Writing is very therapeautic whether you are writing in a journal for yourself, or whether you are sharing your thoughts with another through letter writing. I used to write letters to my grandparents when I was a child and then I began writing letters to my friends who lived in another town while I was in junior high school. I still have all of the letters I ever received during this time. I have an old footlocker filled to the brim. Inside are words that jolt my memories awake and make me smile.

My first love wrote the most amazing, romantic letters to me. He and I were just 16 years old but we were madly and passionately in love. I have all of his letters that he wrote me. I also have all the ones I wrote to him. (he gave them back to me when we broke up) I cherish every single word.

Above: just one of many of his letters.

When I was in my twenties, I met a guy who lived two hours away from me in Southern California. He loved writing letters to me and he was very good at it. I thought he was so cool and his letters always gave me such a lift.

Above: two of several letters I received from him.

Then there was this guy I carried a torch for who lived in South Lake Tahoe. He wrote me letters too.  Oh, how my heart would soar when I would hear from him. It is also through him that I met my now husband. Funny how fate intervenes. I've been with my husband for 24 years now.

But I still cherish the above letters.

I have letters from childhood friends.

Above:  My mom's best friend's daughters whom I've known since the age of four. I have boxes full of letters from them beginning in the 1970's. These are just a few from the sisters.

Just a few of the letters from my best friend from elementary school. We met in Kindergarden in 1969-1970. I moved away in 6th grade.

Letters from my high school best friend. Just a few of the many, many letters from her.

A humorous birthday card from my dad. Just one of many.

Above: Letters from different cousins.

Above: a letter from a boy that I crushed on big time until he sent me a letter just before this one with a ring in it. It totally freaked me out and scared me off. (I was only 14 or 15)

This letter is one of a few I received from the same person who had romantic feelings towards me. I liked him but not as much as he liked me. His letters are phenomenal though and he was quite open which I truly admire. This is about a five page letter. 

Every now and then I'll go through my trunk and read some of the various letters from friends or old boyfriends or from my dad or grandparents. No matter which letter I pick up to read, it always leaves me with a smile on my face because it's proof that someone loved me and wanted to share their life with me. Letters are personal history.

Write on!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Flower Fields

It's a gorgeous Sunday here in Las Vegas. Normally, I pamper myself by getting an endermologie treatment every week on this day, but I decided that today I would stay home and attempt to organize my writing and creative space. I really need to get rid of some stuff. It's quite overwhelming.

Late last night I prepared a postcrossing for Monday's mail. It's traveling to Brazil

I write:  Hi Erich, my name is JarieLyn & I am married. We live in Las Vgas and enjoy photography and traveling. Tofay we went to a nurseery called Cactus Joe's where we walked a labyrinth. It was really hot tofay reaching nearly 100'F. Hope you are doing well. Wishing you lots of happy moments. <3 JarieLyn

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Little lambs from Germany

It's a hot one outside, but I'm surviving the heat and apprecaiating air condition in my house and car.

Today's incoming Postcrossing traveled all the way from Germany. Two little lambs, so cute.


The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, my name is Klaus, I am 59 years old and married. We live with our two dogs in a small village in Germany, near the border to The Netherland. "Viele GruBe aus Deutschland" and happy postcrossing.  Klaus