Saturday, May 17, 2014

A little bit of Nashville in my mailbox!

Hello everyone. I returned home from vacation last week and I must say that my mind is still on southern time. My husband and I went to the Kentucky Derby and to Nashville, Tennessee. If it's possible to be in love with a place, then I am in love with Kentucky and Tennessee. How my heart aches for them. I left a piece of my heart somewhere between Nashville and Bowling Green.

A few days ago a special package arrived in my mailbox with something very tasty inside. Just another awesome taste of Nashville.  But don't take my word for it.  See for yourself!

I ordered these to be shipped to me after a wine tasting finale of a plantation home tour. The tour was awesome and so was the wine. The blackberry wine is especially good. I wish I could share a glass with all of you and have one big party. I bought 3 bottles, but I already drank one.
These are the recent postcards that I have received. One comes from Romania, one from Russia and one from the U.S.
from top to bottom the senders write: Hello JarieLyn! We are Ildar and Julia from Tosk, a Siberian town. We got married last summer and expecting a baby this summer. We both are programmers. Tomsk is known for its wooden architecture, which example you can see on this card. We hope you like it. Happy postcrossing, jarieLyn!
Dear JarieLyn, My name is Diana and I live in the capital of Romania: Bucharest. These days it rains all the time. I cannot wait to go to the sea in summer. I cannot wait for the sun. This is a picture of old part of he city, where at night you can go party or just have a beer with friends.
Dear JarieLy, Whats up from the Tarheel State. I just love being a part of Postcrossing. My friends call me a :snail Mail Queen". Be blessed. Crystal.
Tomorrow I shall post my outgoing mail for you.
Have a wonderful Saturday.