Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
Although I acknowledge and believe in what Easter represents, I don't go to church on this day.
I believe in God and a higher power, however, I am not a follower of organized religion.
I have my own relationship with GOD and tIhat's all that matters to me.
I could get into a lengthy discussion about this but I won't because this is a lighthearted blog.
So, feast your eyes on some yummy treats of the mail kind.
Oops, this first picture isn't mail.
It's my beloved Sasha a few weeks before her passing.
It makes me feel good so I wanted to post it.
A wonderful letter from Lynn B.
Her letters always make me laugh.
She also enclosed this miniature card with a note written inside.
It was very thoughtful and kind.
2013 PC Swap #12.
This is a vintage postcard from Italy.
The sender doesn't live in Italy nor was it sent from there.
Adventures of the Traveling Postcard.
This one originated in Minnesota and so far has traveled to Germany, Utah and to Nevada.
It's such a cute card.
I wish I could keep it for myself but I must forward it on to the next destination wherever that may be.
Simple Postcards Swap #2
cute card.
A lengthy letter form Kari.
I enjoyed very much.
A postcard from Elena, who I sent a postcard to during LetterMo.
This is her reply.
She tells me that this is a decoration near a restaurant.
So cool.
A Postcrossing from Germany.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn, I'm Christina 25 years old and come from Germany.
On this card you can see by beautigul town Olsberg.
Happy Postcrossing!
An official Postcrossing on its way to Poland.
This is week 4 for the RR.
It's on its way to the Netherlands.
A Letter for a pen pal.
This is for a postcard swap.
I forgot to take a photo of the postcard.
A letter for a pen pal.
So that wraps up the mail for the week.
Happy Easter and Happy Week-end.
I'm off to get ready for endermologie, my favorite thing on Sunday.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Smile, It's a great day!

Good morning my friends.
This week is going by so fast.
If I want to get more mail out I need to do it today.
My husband has a holiday tomorrow which means a four day weekend for him.
We don't have anything planned, but it's just hard to write when I'm not alone.
I swear it takes me practically all day to write one or two letters.
I guess I dawdle.
Here's my mail for the last two days and unfortunately, I didn't send anything out.
I will have a few items to mail later this afternoon though.

An official Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
My name is Chrristine and I live in Egmond aan Zee.
We have a book and office store near the beach, 3 kids (10, 15, 16) and a belgian shepard dog called Oeschi (6).
I paint acrylics, have lessons every Tuesday afternoon.
A great hobby.
And I jog on the beach with Oeschi and I make photos and try to paint them.
This is my third card from Peggy, my postcard pal from The Netherlands.
This is a really beautiful sunset but because I took a photo with my phone instead of scanning it, you cannot see the gorgeous red and orange of the sky.
Same with the postcard above. My photo makes it look washed out.
I apologize.
I post all of my pictures from my phone because my computer photos are a hit and miss with blogger.
Sometimes I am able to upload and sometimes not.
It's just easier this way.
I don't know why I feel I have to explain, anyway...........................
My first card from Rita, my other postcard pal from the RR on Postcrossing.
This is week 2. (week 1 never arrived)
Rita lives in the country of Estonia.
Week no. 3 from Rita arrived same day as week no. 2.
This is such a cute card.
I love it.
In person this looks like a vintage card from the 1970's. (just guessing)
This is from one of my swap partners for 2013 pc swap #12.
A pen pal letter from Margie.
A brief note from Mendy.
That conclude's the mail for the past day or two.
I hope everyone has a lovely day.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Letter for Jimmy Dickens

Here is something I saw on my home page yesterday posted by the Grand Ole Opry.

  1. You know you're a star when a card addressed this way makes it to your mailbox at the Opry! We love ya, Little Jimmy Dickens and hope to have you back on stage soon.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunny Rabbits, a Dog, A Movie Star, A Vaction Spot,100 Year Old PC, An Education and a Letter

Hello my friends.
I've been feeling so good lately, until this morning.
My hands, fingers, and wrists have pain and stiffness.
But I'm in a great mood so that helps.
I've received some great mail again.
A cute bunny rabbit that Sasha would have loved to chase.
This is from 2013 pc #12 swap.
Another cute bunny rabbit sourrounded by lots of color.
This one is from Mariska in the Netherlands.
A dog rolling around in the grass.
I have a soft spot for dogs of all kinds.
This is from my swap partner, Irene for the RR on postcrossing.
She lives in Russia and this is week 1 of 4.
It takes awhile to receive Russian mail, sometimes a full month.
This is an image of Greer Garson, taken in 1939.
This is from the 2013 PC swap #12.
This is from the Simple Postcards #2 swap.
It is a favorite vacation spot of the sender.
I looks like a very serene place.
A vintage Easter Card over a hundred years old.
This comes from John in the UK.
It was a used pc and he recycled the back of it leaving some of the original area still visible.
I am an avid collector of used vintage postcards.
I've never seen one that was used twice, maybe this one will double in sentimental value.
An education in the anatomy of an eye.
A letter from Kimmie in New York.
The envelope is the prettiest gray color I've ever seen.
I've been trying to get more letters out as well.
Here's what I sent out yesterday, starting with the postcards.
A Postcrossing traveling to Belarus.
A Postcrossing going to China.
A Postcrossing on its way to Russia.
A Thank You card for my LEP partner.
I have no other way of reaching her to let her know I received her package.
I've already scoured the members of LEP and did not see her name anywhere.
I don't have an email address or a blog address.
Are there any other LEP members who read my blog?
How do you let your partner know you've received her package for a mail challenge?
Do you make a comment on the LEP blog or do you email Julie?
How do you handle it?
Would love some input on this matter.
Thank you!
A Pen Pal letter.
A Pen Pal letter.
Another Pen Pal letter.
That's all the mail from yesterday.
I probably won't be as busy today since my hands aren't working as good, but I'll do my best.
Have a great day, everyone.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Postcards Galore

Oh my goodness, I love Sundays.
Yesterday was all about postcards.
Here's what came in on Saturday.
A Postcrossing from Korea.
The sender writes:
Hello, I'm glad to send you postcard.
I am still not used to english.
So I might be wrong.
Besides, my heart trembling due to the fact that you live U.S.A.
Your mother tongue is english?
Umm...I love snail mail.
It's so slow but be fully exciting.
In addition to these joy, postcard has something else.
Do you love dogs? Me too!!!
I raise three dog-one chihauhua, two maltese.
When I was depressing, my puppies have been a great comfort to me.
Ah, this picture is a wooden and stone structure in Korea.
It's name is pulguksa.
that is very old building and temple.
This temple was built in 751.
Maybe...every Korean students are (almost) have been to pulguksa once.
I hope you are satisfied with this postcard.
Wow, this sender has the smallest handwriting I've ever seen.
In font size, I would guess that it is about a 4.
I will cherish this because her message is so cute.
(I cherish all the cards and letters I receive)
I save them all.
Well, most.
This is a package from a swap I joined.
Ephemera, Ephemera, Ephemera!
Inside the package, lots of great ephemera.
I was quite happy with this swap.
She even enclosed some feathers.
I don't know what I will do with feathers, but I do like them.
I have some feather earrings and I once had a blouse that had feathers on the shoulders.
It looked pretty glamorous but damn, I couldn't wash it myself.
It was too much of a pain in the ass in regards to upkeep.
Saturdays outgoing mail:
This is Round 6 of the Adventures of the Traveling Postcard.
I am forwarding Rossi's card for the second signature in this round.
This is for another swap, Simple postcards #2.
This one is going to Texas.
Simple Postcards #2.
This one is traveling to Maryland.
This is for 2013 PC Swap #12.
This card is going to California.
2013 PC Swap # 12.
This one is on its way to Virginia.
2013 PC Swap #12.
This one is going to Illinois.
Simple Postcards #2.
This one is going to New York.
2013 PC Swap #12.
This one is going to Indiana.
2013 PC Swap #12.
Going to Kentucky.
That's the week-end wrap up.
More to come tomorrow.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

An angel and a Magic Wand

Good morning. I mean good afternoon to those of you who don't live on pacific standard time.
Actually I slept in quite late this morning. I've only been up for an hour. I hate when that happens.
(Of course, I got preoccupied with something else so now it's much later when I am finishing this post)

This month I decided to participate in the mail swap at LEP.
Once we were assigned a partner we had to send our partner a super hero kit and a letter explaining how the items can enhance our super hero powers.
Here's the package that my super hero kit came in. I love the vintage look of the stickers and cut outs.
Inside the package was the note of explanation written on this lovely card.
Here we have a small clipboard for on the go, and an angel felt pen that doubles as a magic wand.
Isn't she adorable?
Also, there are three ancient scrolls for writing mysterious letters.
The scrolls up close.
I really like these.
I love Love.
A mini notebook, some unused postage stamps, paper clips and stickers.
In the background, a zippered pouch to hold it all in.
What a great package this was.
My partner really made an effort to make this nice for me.
Thank you.
A cute card and postcards from Lynn.
I adore them all.
Swap-bot, Simple Postcards #2.
The sender lives in Florida.
From the cotton fields of Tennessee, a card from another swap, Who Said That?
I really like this card a lot because it reminds me of my grandparents who worked in the cotton fields when they were young.  Also, my home town in California has quite a few cotton fields.
My second card from Peggy who is one of my partners in the RR on Postcrossing.
Her boyfriend took this photo and my picture does not do it justice.
It's really nice.
Here's the outgoing not including today:
Sorry for the horrible photo. I was in a hurry.
This is on its way to Germany.
This one is on its way to Lithuania.
Again, sorry for the horrible picture.
A Pen pal letter going to Georgia.
Another pen pal letter traveling to Tennessee.
That's it for Thursday and Friday's mail.
Tomorrow I will post all of the things I sent out today as well as what I received.
Enjoy the rest of the week-end.