Thursday, March 26, 2015

Postcrossings out the door

Good afternoon gorgeous people. I feel like I've been really busy, but in reality I think I've been spinning my wheels. Anyhow, these went out well over a week ago but I'm just getting around to posting. I have some things to photograph that came in also, but I'll save that for another day. Here's the Postcrossings that made it out the door.

This playful card is on its way to Germany.
I write: Hello Anne, I am a 50 year old woman living in Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband. I have many interests and I am not the type of person who gets bored easily. I think it's becaus I enjoy my own company and I iknow how to relax and do nothing. St. Patrick's is coming up and we celebrate by wearing green and drinking green beer or other foods that are dyed green. Have a wonderful day. <3 JarieLyn

This card is going a short distance to Bellevue, Wa.
I write: Hello from warm & sunny Las Vegas. I took al ong walk earlier today and enjoyed the smells as I strolled along. Fresh cut grass has such a great aroma and it gives me such pleasure to be able to breathe it in. I'm sure you have lots of nature to enjoy where you are. Have a wonderful day. <3 JarieLyn

This sweet card is traveling to Russia.
I write: Hello Galina it is my pleasure to be writing to you. I live in Las VEegas, Nevada with my husband. I too, admire Thomas Kinkade's beautiful artwork. I felt so sad when I heard he passed away. He was too young. Life is magical and I am so grateful for nature. Wishing you many blessings. <3 JarieLyn

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pen Pal Letter Out The Door And Postcrossings Out

Good evening gorgeous readers and bloggers. Even though my days are basically the same whether it's a weekday or a workday, I still relish the weekends. It has such a different vibe. I have my camera club tonight and our guest speaker, Parish Kohanim from Atlanta, Georgia will command a full house. I'm looking forward to hearing his story and seeing some of his work.

I feel accomplished that I got one letter written today. I feel so proud of myself.

This is going to a phenomenal pen pal who writes the best letters ever and loves to create art. It's cold where this person currently resides. Hopefully, this colorful letter will bring some warmth to her door. Yeah, you know it's for you even though I'm not putting your name here. I don't know why I'm not but I am.

This postcard is going to Finland.
I write: YOU ARE fabulous! Dear Sirkku, last night's full moon was amazing. I put all of my cyrstals in a bowl and set them outside on a tree branch so that the energy from the moon could charge them up. I left them out there until the next morning. Do something every day that nourishes yoour soul. <3 JarieLyn

This one is going to Czech Republic.
I write: Helo Tereza, warmest greetings from Las Vegas, NV. I used to do a lot of sewing and crafting when I lived in California. I once made some roller shades for my living room that turned out really nice, and some curtains for my step-dad's law office. Those were probably my favorite fabric creations to date. Now I mostly do mail art and doodling. It relaxes me. Someday I will teach myself to knit or crochet. Have a wonderful day. :)  <3 JarieLyn

This is traveling to Malaysia.
I write: Hello Kelsie, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada but I thought you might like this card from Florida. Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida, but I've never been there. Wishing you all the best. <3 JarieLyn

This one is traveling to Japan.
I write:  Hello Sakia, I used to love to ride motorcycles when I was younger. We lived out in the boonies and it was my favorite thing to do. My dad and my brother raced motorcycles and we enjoyed going to the races. Keep on riding but be safe. Have fun whatever you do. <3 JarieLyn.

Have an awesome weekend everyone. Hopefully, I get some more mail out this weekend.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

More lovely mail in my mailbox

It's a gorgeous day here in Vegas. The weather is perfect, warm with clear skies. I love the different aromas drifting in the air as I'm outside. I just breathe it in and smile and acknowledge how grateful I am to experience such awesomeness. I am also so thankful that I keep getting good mail. Here's the latest incoming correspondence.

A letter from L. R. in Georgia. I've always adored Minnie Mouse. This made me smile. The thing I love about snail mail is the variety of papers that my pen pals choose. It's never boring.

Another lovely postcard from my sister. This one is from Albania. Of course she beat the card back to the states by more than a week.

Look at the cute stamp she used. It's so cute.

This is an official Postcrossing from Germany.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn! Best greetings from North Germany with a card from Potsdam where I went last week on holidays. I work in Denmark as a teacher. Best Wishes. Christina.

I have some postcards ready to go out but I haven't photographed or scanned them yet.
I hope you all are having a fabulous day. May you all be blessed with the perfect for your area.

Until next time...........

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Souvenier from Greece

Good morning gorgeous people. Whenever I travel, I usually buy myself a postcard or something else to remind me of my trip. My sister recently went to Greece and she mailed me a postcard and brought me back a lovely gift to consume. I love being thought of from far away.

This is the lovely postcard I received from her in the mail. Of course, I didn't get it until she had already returned. The mail was a bit slow. 

OMGosh, these almonds that she brought back for me were so delicious. I've already eaten the whole bag. I'm telling you, they were quite addictive. Who would have thought that sesame seeds on top of almonds would be a good combination? Well, it doesn't hurt that there is syrup in there too. This is a sweet treat that could add a few pounds to your flesh if you keep eating them, but oh so yummy. Thanks, Cheryl. I love you.

My sister also went to Croatia and bought me this letter opener and key chain set. I needed a letter opener because as much as I love mail, I didn't have one until now. It's awesome, but my sister is more awesome. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Creative Dad Colors His Kids’ Drawings During His Business Trip

This is amazing. Not only is the dad talented, but the kids are as well. I can't even draw that goo. I love these images. These would make cool mail art pieces.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Postcards Enroute

This postcard is on its way to Germany.
I write: Hello, I had a great week-end with my camera club. We had a photo scavenger hunt which was a lot of fun. Also, I went to a candle party at my friend's house. I bought some tea lights and a really  pretty meditation candle holder. Wishing you all the best. <3 JarieLyn

This one is going to  Belarus.
I write: Hi Dasha, wedding chapels are very popular in Las Vegas. There are about 50 different ones, each with their own personal charm. One of your favorite bands, Imagine Dragons is from Las Vegas. I saw a live band downtown last week by the name of Ashley Red. They were pretty good. :)  Have fun. <3 JarieLyn

This one is headed to Taiwan.
I write: Hello Melody, I love collecting vintage postcards from 1900's to 1960's. There is something so magical about reading the sentiments on the cards, It's so sad that we letter writers and postcard lovers have to send to strangers i order to receive cards back. I enjoy coumputer technoloty but Imiss the personal touch of handwritten correspondence between friends. Thank goodness for postcrossing. Wishing you all the best. <3 JarieLyn

This card is enroute to Ukraine.
I write: HelloJulia, I believe in miracles too. My passion is psychic development and learning about the spirit world. Yesterday I had a healing session in the John of God crystal healing bed and it was absolutely amazing. Life is beautiful. Have fun and enjoy life. <3 JarieLyn


Two letters and 3 postcards.

From the Netherlands, a letter and some art. 

From my pal, Jackie.

The three postcards are official postcrossings from Germany, Lithuania, and Poland.

The sender from Germany writes: Hello JarieLyn, greetings from Germany. My name is Richard and I found this lovely Husky card in my winter vacation in the Alps. I'm sure you like it. :) I like cross-country skiing very much and we visited the ? biathlon place in Antholz, Italy. Have fun. Richard.

The sender from Lithuania writes: Warmest regards from Lithuania. I live in a small town near the largest river in Lithuania, Nemunas. I hope that you enjoy this postcard as I do! Happy Postcrossing! Rugile.

The sender from Poland writes: Hello! Greetings from beautiful polish village. It is Wista-City of our ski jump master- Adam Malysz. Maybe you heard about him. Best wishes, Krysztof from Poland.

I really love all the different messages that people write. I never ever get bored with them.  People really do want to send you exactly what they think you will like and they want to write something that will make you smile. Personal expression is a good thing.