Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Forward Movement

I finally have some forward movement.
Anyone who has ever been stuck in a rut, or who has had writer's block knows how good I feel at this moment. 
I just want to shout to the world, Woo Hoo!
Cheers to keeping the momentum going.

Now onward to the mail:

Yesterday I sent out two handmade postcards and one pen pal letter.

Five more pen pal letters going out today.
Including the letter posted in the first photo here's who can keep an eye out on their mailboxes:
Melanie, Rachel, Mariska, L. R., Jackie, and Lisa.

I also mailed out five Postcrossings.
They are headed to Florida, Finland, Taiwan, The Netherlands and Ukraine.

I haven't been getting much mail lately except for the occasional Postcrossing which I have been forgetting to take pictures of.

I have received letters from John and Lynn and Melanie recently.

But I only photographed one.

The very bright and cheery mail art from Lynn B.
Her letters are pretty darn great too.

Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm a Lucky Recipient of League of Extraordinary Pen Pals Monthly Give-Away

Soul Seeker.
That's my LEP superhero name.
I had forgotten that until I received a packet of envelopes that I won which contained the card above.

This is the cute envelope that my prize arrived in.
I sure was excited to open it and see what was inside.

There were many decorated envelopes and a nice note from Julie.

I haven't been receiving much mail lately, although I did receive a couple of postcards that I did not photograph.  One was from my blogging friend John and the others from Postcrossers.

I also received a nice package from my friend Deyanira and a pen pal letter from Melanie.

Last night I wrote a letter to a pen pal who I haven't heard from in awhile and I also prepared a package of gifts for my friend Deyanira.

I hope my stamps don't fall off in transit.

I have been having some amazing experiences lately.
All I can say is that I believe in the angels and I am opening up to them.

What amazing experiences have you been having?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Postcrossing; It's a process.

I am all caught up with my Postcrossings.
I now have eleven postcards in transit including the eight I just sent today.
I love Postcrossing but it takes me almost as long to write a postcard as it does a letter.
I'm sure most people just scribble a line or two but it's a process for me.
First, I read the profile of the recipient and then I check out his/her favorites wall.
Then I go through all of my postcards which are not organized in any way, to find the perfect one.
Then, before I even write anything at all, I must affix the postage.
That entails a process too.
There's the preview of the layout before I glue the stamps to the card.
I need to make sure they will fit and also that they will look visually appealing.
I have a leather pouch where I keep all of my stamps, most of them vintage and of lower postage rate.
(I have hundreds of dollars worth of postage in my leather pouch)
It takes awhile to get the correct postage amount.
After I affix the stamps, I address the card to the recipient.
I always do it in this order because it allows me to use all of the rest of the postcard for writing.
I used to start writing first and then address the card and then try to affix the stamps.
But after a few times with the stamps covering up my writing, I learned.
I do my best to write something personal about myself as well as a current event or something of interest about my city. 
I also write the date and current temperatures etc.
If a recipient requests something specific such as a quote or favorite movie, I'll include that as well.

These are the eight postcards I addressed this morning.
One of the recipients likes American humor so I chose this Prairie Dog Watching card for her.

The other side of the cards from this morning.
These are on their way to Ukraine, Hong Kong, Finland, Mexico, China, Singapore, UK, & Belarus.

What do you write on your postcrossing postcards?
Do you write the same thing all the time or do you write something different for each recipient?
Tell me your process or give me feedback on my own.
I would love to hear your opinions.

Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

On the Mail Truck

Happy Sunday!

Well, I finally got rid of my block and things are starting to flow again.

I wrote three letters in the past two days or so and sent some Postcrossings.

The letters are on the way to Melanie, Kimmie, and Lynn M. 
Thanks ladies for being so patient with me.
I hope when you open the letter you aren't inclined to say, "I don't remember who JarieLyn is."

My Postcrossings are going to Russia, The Netherlands, and Ohio.

I have been very busy the past two weeks which is a good thing because it helps the flow.

More writing, more blogging, and more of everything to come later.

Oh, one more thing.

Their newsletter which comes out at the first of the month is quite interesting to read.
There is always something fun going on.
Also, two recipients of a monthly give-away are revealed in the newsletter.

My pen-pal Rachel and I both won this month.
What are the odds of us winning at the same time?
Pretty cool huh?

Have a great Sunday.