Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday's Missives

Hello beautiful morning!  Hello beautiful bloggers!
 Today is my 19 year wedding anniversary and life feels pretty good right now.
Thanksgiving is next weeek and Christmas is right around the corner, two of my favorite holidays.
I am beaming with happiness and I hope you are too.

Yesterday, I finally managed to write two pen pal letters.
See for yourself.

It's been a long time coming and I am still way behind in my replies, but I am working on it.

That's all that went out, however, I did receive a few Postcrossings.

From left to right, these come from Spain, China, and Taiwan.

The senders write:

Hello JarieLyn, My name is Alba.
I'm 27 and I'm from barcelona.
This is maybe one unusual card to send but since you liked very different things I thought that you would like this one of a typical "chiringuito" (beach bar) in barcelona's beaches.
So winter is coming finally, you must be happy about it.
On the contrary, I dislike cold and these days thinking of Christmas for me means working more days...
Enjoy the holidays because you can!  :D
Best wishes, Alba.

Hello JarieLyn!
Greetings from China!
My name is Hu Yong, a college girl, 21 years old.
I learn geography in University.
I think I am same as you in many ways. 
I like watching movies very much.
Once I feel tired, I will watch a film.
I like listening to the music, too.
Music always makes me excited.
I hope you will like this card.
Best wishes for you.

Fan-Shaped train head hotel build in 1922, located on # 1, sec 1, Ahangmet Rd, Zhanghua City.
It's the last one still working in east Asia.


Last night I requested 10 addresses from Postcrossing, so you'll be seeing those tonight or tomorrow.
It took me a couple of hours to complete the postcards.
Hopefully, I'll have another pen pal letter in there as well.

Have a fabulous day everyone.
I'll be having dinner out with my wonderful husband tonight.
I am truly blessed with the perfect mate for me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Moomin and other postcards

Isn't Moomin adorable?
He came to me all the way from Finland.

The sender writes:
Greetings from Finland!
I just came from work. Here is very windy, cold and dark.
I hope that it's snowing soon, so the world will be more brighter in here!
And I can get right kind of Christmas mood.

These two lovely cards are from Postcrossers in Russia.

The sender of the pin-up girl writes:
Hello, JarieLyn!!!
I saw that this card on of yur favourites, and so I send it for you. 
Good luck and happy postcrossing!!!

The sender of the Postman writes:
You'e a very interesting person :)
I saw this card in your favorites. 
I hope it will please you!
Happy Postcrossing!

These three cards are from Postcrossers in Germany.

The senders write, from bottom then to upper right and then upper left:

Hello JarieLyn, greetings from Rostock at the Baltic sea.
We have the oldest University in the Baltic area. 
It was founded in 1479.
My name is Christa and my interests are football and baseball.
I'm collecting stamps, old coins and teddy bears.
All the best.
Happy Postcrossing.

Hello from Germany!
The weather today is cold and (??)
Winter is near.
Love waiting for the first snow.

Hallochen aus Tubingen! (Hi from the Uniersity of Tubingen)
The town is situated in Germany, in Baden-Wurtemburg!
I wish you, JarieLyn R, good luck and much love!
With best wishes from Germany, Eva!

These cards are from Japan and Taiwan, respectively.

The senders write:

Hello! (Konnichiwa)
A postcard from Japan.
I hpe you like it.
Best wishes!
Happy Postcrossing!

Dear JarieLyn,
Hello from Taiwan!
I'm Kai, 14.
I like to learn foreign languages in my free time.
I also like to take a small walk in a small park near my home.
I really enjoy being with nature.
The feeling when you're surrounded by trees is nothing but fantastic.
Wish you all the best and happy postcrossing.

A postcard and a note card from two of my penpals.
The postcard comes from The Netherlands and the notecard comes from Illinois.
Out of respect for my dear pen pals, I never reveal what they have written to me.
But I do like to show what they have sent to me.

I've received a couple of letters in the past month but have not photographed any of them.
I have also been sending out cards to various people, but again, I have forgotten to photograph them.
I intend to do my best in the coming days and weeks and months to be more consistent in recording what I send out and to whom.

I love this time of year, especially the closer it gets to Christmas.