Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas Travels to and Fro

Have I told you lately how much I love Christmas?
I was so excited when this Christmas present arrived from the Netherlands.

Decorative tape to add to my collection.
I love this stuff and can't get enough!

A Christmas postcard from my blogging friend and pen pal, John.
So very cute. I love it.

A few more cards from a Christmas card swap on Swap-Bot.

Another batch of cards coming in.  I just love the one on the left of the snow covered bench and tree.

Another Christmas themed postcard, this one from a Postcrosser in the Czehc Republic.
I love the scene on this card.

A Postcrossing from Russia.
I love the postal themed post cards.
I wish I could find them in the U. S.

I've been quite busy with mail lately.
Here's what I sent out within the past few days.

A couple of packages going out to a couple of really great pen pals.

My second batch of Christmas cards for the Christmas card swap.

Another batch of Christmas cards going out.

Two more out the door.

Three postcrossings headed to Poland, Netherlands and Moldova.

It's getting really super cold here, but most of the time I am inside my warm house all bundled up and comfy.
I hope you all are staying warm

Until the next blog post, I'll be somewhere around here.

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