Thursday, September 10, 2015

Too Many Hobbies?

Hello, It's way past evening here. In fact it's pretty dark outside. It's night time, however I'll say good morning because I know it's morning for some of you reading this post right now.  It's been awhile since I've posted anything mail related, even though I have been sending and receiving some good, happy mail.

The other day while I was getting my nails done, my manicurist/friend mentioned to me that she needed to get a hobby because she doesn't have any. She then preceded to tell me that I have too many hobbies. What does this have to do with a mail related blog, you ask? Everything, I say. Obviously, blogging about the mail I send and receive is one hobby, just as writing letters to pen pals and sending postcards all over the world via Postcrossing are another. I collect vintage postcards, new and used as well as vintage postage stamps. I also enjoy crafty things such as making my own envelopes and making mail art.  I enjoy many different types of creative pursuits.  I once wanted to start a newspaper column entitled, Ecclectic Wisdom.  Now, I write anonymous love letters to strangers and leave them in random places.

I am a gun owner and so I like to shoot. I enjoy picking up brass from spent rounds in the desert where gun enthusiasts go shooting.  It's very meditative in a weird sort of way. I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

I belong to a camera club, a psychic development group, and a spiritual group. I am interested in astrology, numerology, reincarnation and dream interpretation. I love engrossing myself in anything metaphysical and spiritual in nature. I am a certified Angel Card Reader and a certified Reiki II Holy Fire Practitioner. 

(Me and a couple of ladies from my psychic group at the John Edward event this past Friday)

I've always called myself a serial Entrepreneur. My longest and most successful business venture was my Private Investigations business which I closed in 2009. Since then I dabbled in a side business as a photographer, but realized I much preferred it as a hobby than a job. Currently, I am a wellness advocate for doTerra Essential Oils, I'm a distributor for the MakeUp Eraser, and I'm a distributor for OXO World Wide.  I also run an ETSY shop where I sell mail related items and other stuff.

Every week I pamper myself by getting endermologie treatments, Qigong, and every other week I have quantum biofeedback therapy sessions. 

Road trips? Yes, please. Anytime, anywhere. I'm a free spirit, an explorer, an adventurer. 

"You have too many hobbies", She said. What I heard was a very limiting statement. Too many hobbies? I think not. I am open to limitless possibilites. All of these hobbies and interests keep me evolving emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These hobbies are growth spurts. As Emily Dickinson says in my favorite quote, "The soul should always stand ajar, ready for the ecstatic experience." I believe her and so that's how I live my life, ready for the ecstatic experience. If I could only use one word to describe my true essence in this physical body, it would be this: CURIOUS.

I hope all of you feed your spirit with many hobbies because it only makes you more of what you already are-----an interesting person. be curious, be adventurous, just be.

I have so many more hobbies that I did not list.


Mersad said...

I think having hobbies is great. Everyone needs to do something they love.

Mersad Donko Photography

phonelady said...

yes I agree hobbies are great .

Lynn Bishop said...

You're not just describing your hobbies; you're describing your LIFE!
The things you do make up who you are. All those hobbies are what give your life experience and meaning and joy.
I'm looking forward to your letter! I miss you!!

John Edwards said...

Lynn got it spot on - this isn't just about hobbies; it's about YOU. Some people are couch potatoes (and good luck to them if that is what they want to be); others like you, me and my wife overwhelm ourselves at times with so many things that we do. It is what makes you a fascinating person and someone whose company (virtual or real) it must always be a pleasure to be in.

Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you can see the movie, Big Stone Gap, sometime...There are some very excited people in that small town these days!!!!

About hobbies, I think we all need to explore whatever we may be interested in. Too many???? I don't think so as long as we excel and do a good job with what we are interested in presently. I have a good friend who is very crafty... She will start one project and then another and then another.. HOWEVER, she never finishes anything... Drives me crazy.... She thinks the JOY is in 'starting' --not completing.... Makes us all unique as individuals, doesn't it?