Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Forward Movement

I finally have some forward movement.
Anyone who has ever been stuck in a rut, or who has had writer's block knows how good I feel at this moment. 
I just want to shout to the world, Woo Hoo!
Cheers to keeping the momentum going.

Now onward to the mail:

Yesterday I sent out two handmade postcards and one pen pal letter.

Five more pen pal letters going out today.
Including the letter posted in the first photo here's who can keep an eye out on their mailboxes:
Melanie, Rachel, Mariska, L. R., Jackie, and Lisa.

I also mailed out five Postcrossings.
They are headed to Florida, Finland, Taiwan, The Netherlands and Ukraine.

I haven't been getting much mail lately except for the occasional Postcrossing which I have been forgetting to take pictures of.

I have received letters from John and Lynn and Melanie recently.

But I only photographed one.

The very bright and cheery mail art from Lynn B.
Her letters are pretty darn great too.


Anonymous said...

Im glad you got the urge to write again its such a wonderful feeling after writers block. Ive been feeling the same way recently.
thinking of you.
sending a big hug

Scriptor Senex said...

Glad you are feeling Woo Hoo!

I see a squirrel stamp on one of those letters going out. If you've any left I'd love one on my next missive, please.