Sunday, March 24, 2013

Postcards Galore

Oh my goodness, I love Sundays.
Yesterday was all about postcards.
Here's what came in on Saturday.
A Postcrossing from Korea.
The sender writes:
Hello, I'm glad to send you postcard.
I am still not used to english.
So I might be wrong.
Besides, my heart trembling due to the fact that you live U.S.A.
Your mother tongue is english?
Umm...I love snail mail.
It's so slow but be fully exciting.
In addition to these joy, postcard has something else.
Do you love dogs? Me too!!!
I raise three dog-one chihauhua, two maltese.
When I was depressing, my puppies have been a great comfort to me.
Ah, this picture is a wooden and stone structure in Korea.
It's name is pulguksa.
that is very old building and temple.
This temple was built in 751.
Maybe...every Korean students are (almost) have been to pulguksa once.
I hope you are satisfied with this postcard.
Wow, this sender has the smallest handwriting I've ever seen.
In font size, I would guess that it is about a 4.
I will cherish this because her message is so cute.
(I cherish all the cards and letters I receive)
I save them all.
Well, most.
This is a package from a swap I joined.
Ephemera, Ephemera, Ephemera!
Inside the package, lots of great ephemera.
I was quite happy with this swap.
She even enclosed some feathers.
I don't know what I will do with feathers, but I do like them.
I have some feather earrings and I once had a blouse that had feathers on the shoulders.
It looked pretty glamorous but damn, I couldn't wash it myself.
It was too much of a pain in the ass in regards to upkeep.
Saturdays outgoing mail:
This is Round 6 of the Adventures of the Traveling Postcard.
I am forwarding Rossi's card for the second signature in this round.
This is for another swap, Simple postcards #2.
This one is going to Texas.
Simple Postcards #2.
This one is traveling to Maryland.
This is for 2013 PC Swap #12.
This card is going to California.
2013 PC Swap # 12.
This one is on its way to Virginia.
2013 PC Swap #12.
This one is going to Illinois.
Simple Postcards #2.
This one is going to New York.
2013 PC Swap #12.
This one is going to Indiana.
2013 PC Swap #12.
Going to Kentucky.
That's the week-end wrap up.
More to come tomorrow.


Angie said...

Big Horn Sheep card is fantastic!

Love the Norman Rockwell card too! I have a big stack of his books, love his art!

Scriptor Senex said...

As I read what that first postcrosser had written I was thinking "How did she get all this on one card"? You answered the question. I do so admire people who can write small.

I love that Native Indian tribes postcard.

Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Wow, really love all your mail! :) It's always so lovely to see! :)
Hope you've already received my mail too in the meantime.
I did receive your card last saturday! Thank you so much for it, I really loved it!! :) I just didn't had the time to let you know sooner. Sorry about that! But I did get it and loved it too. :) <3