Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bunny Rabbits, a Dog, A Movie Star, A Vaction Spot,100 Year Old PC, An Education and a Letter

Hello my friends.
I've been feeling so good lately, until this morning.
My hands, fingers, and wrists have pain and stiffness.
But I'm in a great mood so that helps.
I've received some great mail again.
A cute bunny rabbit that Sasha would have loved to chase.
This is from 2013 pc #12 swap.
Another cute bunny rabbit sourrounded by lots of color.
This one is from Mariska in the Netherlands.
A dog rolling around in the grass.
I have a soft spot for dogs of all kinds.
This is from my swap partner, Irene for the RR on postcrossing.
She lives in Russia and this is week 1 of 4.
It takes awhile to receive Russian mail, sometimes a full month.
This is an image of Greer Garson, taken in 1939.
This is from the 2013 PC swap #12.
This is from the Simple Postcards #2 swap.
It is a favorite vacation spot of the sender.
I looks like a very serene place.
A vintage Easter Card over a hundred years old.
This comes from John in the UK.
It was a used pc and he recycled the back of it leaving some of the original area still visible.
I am an avid collector of used vintage postcards.
I've never seen one that was used twice, maybe this one will double in sentimental value.
An education in the anatomy of an eye.
A letter from Kimmie in New York.
The envelope is the prettiest gray color I've ever seen.
I've been trying to get more letters out as well.
Here's what I sent out yesterday, starting with the postcards.
A Postcrossing traveling to Belarus.
A Postcrossing going to China.
A Postcrossing on its way to Russia.
A Thank You card for my LEP partner.
I have no other way of reaching her to let her know I received her package.
I've already scoured the members of LEP and did not see her name anywhere.
I don't have an email address or a blog address.
Are there any other LEP members who read my blog?
How do you let your partner know you've received her package for a mail challenge?
Do you make a comment on the LEP blog or do you email Julie?
How do you handle it?
Would love some input on this matter.
Thank you!
A Pen Pal letter.
A Pen Pal letter.
Another Pen Pal letter.
That's all the mail from yesterday.
I probably won't be as busy today since my hands aren't working as good, but I'll do my best.
Have a great day, everyone.


Angie said...

Totally fab mail! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Doreen Bates Zakem said...

fantastic! you have been busy. I wonder what will be in the mail tomorrow?

Elisabeth said...

I've never really liked rabbits, but hello, these are too cute to not like!! Wonderful incoming and outgoing mail :) Happy Easter!