Thursday, March 28, 2013

Smile, It's a great day!

Good morning my friends.
This week is going by so fast.
If I want to get more mail out I need to do it today.
My husband has a holiday tomorrow which means a four day weekend for him.
We don't have anything planned, but it's just hard to write when I'm not alone.
I swear it takes me practically all day to write one or two letters.
I guess I dawdle.
Here's my mail for the last two days and unfortunately, I didn't send anything out.
I will have a few items to mail later this afternoon though.

An official Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
My name is Chrristine and I live in Egmond aan Zee.
We have a book and office store near the beach, 3 kids (10, 15, 16) and a belgian shepard dog called Oeschi (6).
I paint acrylics, have lessons every Tuesday afternoon.
A great hobby.
And I jog on the beach with Oeschi and I make photos and try to paint them.
This is my third card from Peggy, my postcard pal from The Netherlands.
This is a really beautiful sunset but because I took a photo with my phone instead of scanning it, you cannot see the gorgeous red and orange of the sky.
Same with the postcard above. My photo makes it look washed out.
I apologize.
I post all of my pictures from my phone because my computer photos are a hit and miss with blogger.
Sometimes I am able to upload and sometimes not.
It's just easier this way.
I don't know why I feel I have to explain, anyway...........................
My first card from Rita, my other postcard pal from the RR on Postcrossing.
This is week 2. (week 1 never arrived)
Rita lives in the country of Estonia.
Week no. 3 from Rita arrived same day as week no. 2.
This is such a cute card.
I love it.
In person this looks like a vintage card from the 1970's. (just guessing)
This is from one of my swap partners for 2013 pc swap #12.
A pen pal letter from Margie.
A brief note from Mendy.
That conclude's the mail for the past day or two.
I hope everyone has a lovely day.


Scriptor Senex said...

Sometimes I don't have a comment on the post itself but just want to let you know I've visited.

Elisabeth said...

Oh, I really like those cards from Rita in Estonia :)