Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Postcard Scavenger Hunt

Good morning friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Week-end. I think most of us love getting personal mail just about more than anything.  Whenever I see a decorated envelope I get all excited and I cannot wait to see what's inside. Sometimes, reading a letter is like reading a book that you don't want to end because it's so good. That's how I feel about most every letter I receive. Sometimes you get the unexpected, like a challenge. Recently, my dear pen pal Rachel sent me a challenge by way of a postcard scavenger hunt.  I'm having fun trying to meet the challenges.

So far, I've only completed one of the tasks.

I received this lovely assortment from a flat mail swap on Swap-Bot.
There's notecards, recipe cards, stickers, postcards, and vintage ads.
It was a very nice swap.

That's all for the incoming.

Here's what went out in the last couple of days including today.

This is for the DS Paper, Paper, Paper, swap.

This is a Postcrossing going to Finland.

This is a Postcrossing traveling to Russia.

This is a postcrossing on its way to Poland.

This is for the big Notecard Stash Swap.

That's all for now folks.

I am working on replying to my pen pal letters.
It seems I've gotten behind again.

I've had out of town company and things have just kept me away from pen and paper.

Until later................

Smile, because you've got mail. 

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Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog with all your mailbox delights, yet lurking in the background. Would you write a post about the postcard scavenger hunt? It sounds intriguing and fun.

Thanks, Lana