Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recent Mailings

Hello my friends.  I've been a bit lazy lately in documenting my mail. I'm behind in organizing what's been coming in. I have a system ( I will tell you about in another post) which I have been using for awhile however, lately, I have been straying from it just a bit which has thrown me off my game.  I am very detail oriented so it is irritating to me when I let things go.  Lucky for this blog, I still photograph everything that comes in. That's what I love about having a camera on my phone. All of my mail pictures are taken with my phone which makes blogging so much easier; no files to download.  All I have to do is share my gallery with google +.

Here's what's been coming in lately. Lots of good stuff.

A Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn,
Today's card from the Netherlands brings you a Dutch greeting!
(P.T.O. to see where this card comes from)
Happy Postcrossing and a lovely day.
greetings, F

Another Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
This card has nothing with Holland. 
I bought it on the door for a good target.
So I send it to you.
("Even which card it comes out my heart")
I hope you will accept it.
It is sunday morning, I write 2 cards and then go visiting my mother-in-law. (Mother's Day)
Greetings from 

I love the card. 

This one comes from Columbus, Ohio from a member of

A Postcrossing from Taiwan.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn,
Greetings from Taiwan.
My name is Janet.
I work part time at a preschool in the morning, and go to college to study English at night.
Hope you enjoy this card.
Best wishes,

A Postcrossing from Germany.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn, I like to travel!
My last great trip was to India the last year.
There you can see such trains and buses with many people!
I'm a mother of 4 adult children and a grandma of 3 little ones!
Have a good time and best wishes from Gariele.

A postcard from my friend Deyanira.

A thank you from Deyanira.

A creative letter from Becky the Snailmailer.

A letter from Patt.

A letter from Melanie, a new pen pal.
The stationery is very cute.

A Postcrossing from Germany.
The sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn,
Here's a sunset card for you. Hope you liek the view!
My name's Andrea and I'm sending this card from Munich. 
Other than Postcrossing, I love books, writing stories, TV shows, films and music.
I also enjoy to bake and travel; just returned from Rome.
Take care, Love Andrea.

A Postcrossing from Hong Kong.
The sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn,
Greetings from Hong Kong!
My name is Bunny and I'm 23 years old.
I love photography and travelling too.
I like movies more than TV.
I watch a lot of movies.
I love summer too.
I like to go to the beach.
Happy Postcrossing.

A Postcrossing from Ukraine.
The sender writes:
Hi JarieLyn!
Today is the first day of spring and good weather after weeks of snow and rain.
I'm happy!

Well, this certainly is a happy card.
Looking at it makes me smile.

Well that's it for the incoming, heres what's been going out.

A postcard but I do not recall where it's travelling to.
Normally, I log it with a pic and a mail log but like I said, I've been slacking.

This is for my partner on Swap-Bot for Flat Paper Swap.
She already received it and liked everything inside.

A PC on its way to my friend, Vivian in California.

This is for my swap partner for Summer Lovin PC swap.

A Package for Deyanira.

A package for a pen pal.
It's really nothing special but I think the item is cute.

A Postcrossing on the way to Ukraine.

A Postcrossing on the way to Japan.

A Postcrossing on the way to Germany.

That's it folks.

Check back tomorrow or the next day for some more mail eye candy.


Tanya said...

Hello Jarie Lyn, I had problems with documenting incoming mail too. But unfortunately I can't post the pictures via google+, because before posting I must edit all pictures and blur personal info on envelopes.

Anyway, I hope to meet you in swaps soon :)


Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Hi Jarielyn, I have the same problems! I upload everything with my mobile phone, but my husband usually uses the laptop, so I can't upload them. I don't know how to write text at the photo on my phone, so I do that on the computer. So I'm behind too (well, just updated it).

Love all your incoming and outgoing mail again! :) It's so lovely to see this all!