Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Invitation, Cowboy Style

I received an announcement awhile back from my nephew that he's "gettin hitched".
I think I shared it awhile back via this blog.
The official invitation arrived yesterday.
I love the idea of having a themed wedding.

I also love that I get to go buy some new cowgirl boots.

These are the boots I currently have.
The chain on the other boot is broken and the boot isn't as cute without the decoration.
Also, red really isn't my color and I actually surprised myself when I bought these.
But as you can see that got lots of wear on them.

I almost bought a pair of boots while on vacation in Texas last year.
My husband wanted to spoil me and as much as I loved the boots I saw, I didn't want to spend the money.  They were almost $400.00 for the pair.

I scrolled through 1,848 boots online this morning.
I'm posting some pictures of a few of the styles that I like.

I love the design of this one but I can't stand the toe curled up.
It seems that a lot of the boots made these days are made like that.
I want mine flat to the ground, but I am  not completely opposed to a tiny curl upward.

Also, as cute as some boots are, if they are too stiff then forget it.

I realy like a little color in the boots.
These are very stylish but I wish the middle inlay wasn't of an eagle.
But still, they are cute.

I like the the colors and the decorative rivets/studs in this one.

Another pair of black boots that look more comfortable than the black ones above.

A splash of color without being overwhelming.

There is something about these boots that I really like, except for the curled toe of course.
I like the snake skin and the strap. I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the top part though.

These are nice.
I like the color.

These are very simple and kind of plain but classy.

Do you wear western style boots?

Which boots do you prefer of all the ones I posted?
Need your input please.
This is a tough decision.

I'll be wearing mine with a skirt.
I don't have the skirt yet, but I have a vision in my mind.

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