Friday, June 14, 2013

The Postal Machine Ate My Mail......

Yesterday I went to the post office and checked my mail like I do every day.
I was delighted to find several pieces of mail in my box and when I got out to my car I sat in the parking lot and read my postcards and then started on the two envelopes I received.  
That's when I noticed that one of the envelopes was from the United States Postal Service. 
What's this? I thought.

At first glance it looks like my mail was save completely.
I was happy.

Until I opened it.

I still have hope that the contents are safe even while looking at the mangled envelope.

There were three items inside; A pencil, a mini photo, and this piece of paper that I looked up on Google translator to understand. 
It appears to be a log for expenses of the day.
I know It's not for a swap because I have received all of my swaps.
If the sender wrote me a letter, it is missing from the envelope.
Thank goodness she put a blog address on her envie.
Now I can touch base and let her know that her wonderful surprise was destroyed by the postal service.


This lovely card traveled all the way from Ukraine.
The sender writes:
Greetings from Lviv, city of old narrow streets with aroma coffee and chocolate.
Welcome to Lviv :)
I'm planning to visit Las Vegas this year.
Hope my plan comes true :)
This postcard is in your favs, so I hope you will be happy :)
Best wishes, Yura.

Yes, I do really like the postcard.  It's very pretty.

This postcard came from Belarus.
The sender writes:
Hello, my name is [Isseniys]
I live in Minsk-it's a capital of Belarus.
I hope you'll like my card, because I'm really interested in graffiti.
Best wishes.

I think he may have made this card himself from his own artwork.
Not sure, but I do find it interesting.


This is from Amber. 
She did a beautiful job on the envelope but the photo does not do it justice.
It's a vellum envelope embellished with what looks like a cutout from a magazine but it's not thin like most magazine pages.  
It's very nice.
All the little white rain drops are drawn by hand.
Inside, were some postcards that she designed.

I love it.

Tucked inside another cute little envelope was this tiny card that measures about 1 3/4" by 2 3/4".

It was such a lovely surprise and very much appreciated.


Outgoing Mail:

This is going to a pen pal who lives on the East Coast.


Ana Isabel Morais said...

Hello JarieLyn. I am so glad you received my mail art piece. It comes from another place around the world: Portugal, where i live in! ;) Unfortunately, i think it was destroyed on postal services because the paper of the envelope was so thin, but thank you so much for your review on your blog, i think the three pieces are totally in and i didn´t write any penpal letter, sorry. The cut-out is a image of chestnuts, a typical snack from Portugal. I hope you liked the surprise. Happy penpaling from Ana Isabel Morais

Carly said...

interesting that they gave you an apology. I had an expensive book that I sent via mail and it was lost. I had to turn in a description and it was never recovered.