Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Open Letter to my Pen Pals

My dearest pen pals,

I've been in kind of a slump lately.  I'm not sure why, but every time I sit down to write a letter, I seem to get stuck.  I have so much to say, but nothing comes out. Is this what they call, "writer's block"?  I have the words swirling around in my head but I can't seem to put pen to paper. I am a month behind in my replies.

I think about every single one of you on a daily basis. I feel like I have cultivated some real friendships through letter writing and I don't want to damage the beginning of new friendships by taking too long to respond.

Lynn M., Kimmie, Rachel, Jackie, Mariska, L. R., Lisa, Patt, Margie, Melanie and Lynn B:   I have all of your latest letters in front of me and I promise I will start replying next week in the order that they arrived.  (yes, I have a system of keeping track and I never file a letter away until I've replied to it, AND I never throw a letter away)

Melanie, you are a new pen pal and I appreciate and love the letter you sent me. Please be patient. I promise I will reply to your letter soon.

Until my pen touches paper, expect the unexpected and enjoy the magic of little moments.




Yesterday, I wrote five postcards for Postcrossings.
One recipient was using her dog as the addressee and wanted other pets to write.
So, here's what I came up with.

This Postcrossing stirred my creative side a little. as much as writing on a postcard can. So hopefully, it will help me get back on track.


Sabrina said...

I wish I could "like" this.

The postcard idea is really cool. I like what you've made of it.

Gill Osborne said...

Relax hunny (((HUGS))) We all fall behind at some point when life takes over or we hit a bit of Writer's Block but it passes and I'm sure all your penpals will understand.

Love the postcard too - Sasha looked a wonderful dog xxxx

Lynn B. said...

Got your letter! And great surprises! You are always worth the wait! I just mailed you a letter from london, you should supposedly get it in 5 days, maybe, hopefully. It's long and rambling, and I had more to say, but it was getting heavy. I can't wait to listen to all that music when I get back! Thanks so much!!!

Kimmie said...

Hi JarieLyn! i just popped onto your blog because I hadn't heard from you in a while. I figured either you were in a slump, or my last letter never arrived, or your reply was eaten by the USPS. I'm glad no letters were lost. Please take your time replying, and feel free to shuffle me around to the back of your list if there's someone newer you want to reply to first. I've been in a bit of a slump myself, so my pile has been growing like yours has. I started writing with my typewriter to mix tings up, and it seems to be helping.

Hugs from New York!

Mariska - Rissies Mailbox said...

Take your time dear, I can wait. :) No rush in replying! Writing is a hobby, not an obligation of course. But you know that, right? I don't go away and I also don't want to loose you as a friend.
Love the postcard for postcrossing you wrote! :)

Scriptor Senex said...

I was worried! And now I still am - I hope your slump goes soon. Not for us recipients, we can wait. I hope for your sake. I know the feeling and the guilt that can accompany it but please don't worry about us. Get yourself bright and breezy first, then worry about us later.