Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Postcrossings Milestone

Good Morning Friends!
I have reached a milestone at Postcrossing.com.
I have now officially sent 101 postcards.
To date, I have received 88 postcards.
I love Postcrossing.
In addition to being a great learning experience, it is also a wonderful human experience.
It is a soul to soul connection that imprints smiles, dreams and well wishes into my heart.
Writing is powerful stuff, even if it is just to say hello.
Here is a Postcrossing I received from Germany.
The sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn, you're interested in historical buildings.
This one is from 1720.
 It was built to store grain for the miners in the Harz Mountains where it is too cold for farming.
Filled in sacks it was then transported up on the backs of donkeys.
These paths are still used by hikers or changed into ordinary roads.
Today the building hosts the municipal administration.
The thing I like about Postcrossing is being able to read a profile and pick out the perfect card for the recipient, just as this person did for me. Had she not written about the building, I never would have known that it was a historical building, especially from the 1720's.
This is a Postcrossing from Japan.
The sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn,
This postcard is from Japan.
I chose it for you because you like a bridge.
The view is like a painting in India ink.
I've been to this place in Kyoto.
A forest of bamboos was beautiful and tofu (soybean curd) dishes were very good.
I'm sure you'll like there very much.
Best wishes.
Another example of someone choosing the perfect card.
This is from a swap partner for fast 10 pc # 3 swap on swap-bot.
This person also read my profile and chose a card she knew I would like.
I love these retro funny cards.
Also, she wrote a great note on the back about TV shows we have in common.
I love connecting with people through letters, postcards, greeting cards, short notes and gifts.
Each one I receive is a treasure and I do my best to send my recipients words they will treasure too.
Leaving my possession:
These are part of the 10 pc swap.
 I forgot to take a picture of the other ones that went out.
These are my latest Postcrossings going out today!
They will be delivered to, Germany, Florida, Latvia, Belarus, Brazil and the Netherlands.
Yesterday, Justin and I went for a drive and ended up in Kelso, CA.
It's an old train depot that was very busy in the 1940's.
Facing east, this road takes us back to Vegas.
Have a fabulous day my friends.

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