Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Creative Outlet

Last night I needed a creative outlet so I did my best to draw a picture.
This represents me and the path that I am currently creating for myself.
The angel wings are a symbol for my connection with the angelic realm.
The third eye represents energy coming through my crown chakra so that I can become more intuitive.
The heart is an acknowledment of my desire to expand my heart and be more open and compassionate.
I don't draw much, but I like how this turned out.

I have not received much mail since the new year began but I have pictures of mail that needs posting.

A few postcards going out via
I do not recall where they are headed.

Another Postcrossing, this one on its way to the North Korea.

This Postcrossing is going to the Netherlands.

I received a few Christmas themed postcards throughout December, but this one is really great.
It comes from a lady whom I met at a conference so it is extra special.
My husband really liked this postcard too.

Mail is trickling in little by little, mostly a few Postcrossings and some swaps.

Hopefully, I will be more consistent in photographing the mail and posting it in the future.

Good Happens!

I read that statement while looking at books on Amazon and thought it was great.

So, as long as you believe that good happens even during bad times, good stuff will eventually happen.
Keep the faith, peeps.

Until next time, write, draw, scribble, paint, or whatever method you choose. 
Just do it.

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Lynn Bishop said...

You have been on my mind lately! The other day I was driving home, (listening to Alt Nation...) and I felt like you were calling me on the telepathic airwaves. It was WEIRD!
Love the picture, and love the path you're on. I'm working on mail for you. Thanks for the gift and all the cards!