Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Feul For My Mailbox

Yay, my mailbox has finally been nourished with a couple of pen pal letters and a few postcrossings.

The above letter came to greet me all the way from France.
I love the texture of the paper the letter is written on.
I need to find some of that here.
It's kind of shiny with a linen sort of feel to it.

This one from the Netherlands.
I love hearing from my pals and what they've been up to.

Everyone has their own unique writing styles and I love them all.

Again, I forgot to photograph the incoming of my Postcrossings but one is an image of a cute puppy and it came all the way from the Czech Republic.

I also receivve a postcard from a swap. (weekly goals). I believe it traveled to me from New York but I am not positive.

I've been participating in a lot of swaps lately.
Here's three separate envies for the same swap. It's a postcard swap where I send 3 unused postcards to each recipient. Of course I threw in a few extras too.


One going to China and one going to the Netherlands.

More Postcrossings:

These are headed to India, Taiwan, Belarus, Lithuania, and the UK.

A Postcard for a friend in Teas.

I haven't been to the post office yet so I'm not sure if my mailbox has anything waiting for me or not.
I am expecting two swaps so hopefully those will arrive soon.

Today is a day filled with domestic duties such as laundry, straightening up, vaccuming, grocery shopping, etc.  So far, I haven't accomplished very much.  I've done one load of laundry and that's it.

Time to get my ass in gear.
No more computer, postcrossing, facebooking until I am done with my chores.

Have a great day, everyone.

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