Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Furry Cuteness

Isn't this the most adorable pup?
This is a Postcrossing from Belarus.
In addition to Postcrossing, the sender likes to play the piano, flute and clarinet everyday.
He also loves languages and has been studying Arabic and Spanish for some time now, and recently he started learning Icelandic and Japanese. His occupation is a postman which is why he is fascinated with the Potcrossing community.

This little furry cuteness comes from Russia.
The sender wanted to send something truly winter so she chose this baby seal.
She says that the white fluffy seal reminds her of a New Year's snow.

This Postcrossing comes from Turkey and the image on the front represents the city in which the sender lives.
He sends his love and Happy New Year greetings.
So sweet.

That wraps up the incoming mail that I picked up yesterday.
I was astounded by how crowded the Post Office was. It was like Christmas all over again.  I bet everyone is buying and stocking up on stamps before the prices go up in a few days.  I actually ordered directly from the post office on-line, however, I'm sure I will go through them with lightning speed.  Do you stock up on stamps or do you buy them as you need them?  I still have tons of vintage lower denomination stamps, however, I'd love to get my hands on some vintage stamps that are above the .30 cent range.

Life is beautiful!

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