Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Souvenier from Greece

Good morning gorgeous people. Whenever I travel, I usually buy myself a postcard or something else to remind me of my trip. My sister recently went to Greece and she mailed me a postcard and brought me back a lovely gift to consume. I love being thought of from far away.

This is the lovely postcard I received from her in the mail. Of course, I didn't get it until she had already returned. The mail was a bit slow. 

OMGosh, these almonds that she brought back for me were so delicious. I've already eaten the whole bag. I'm telling you, they were quite addictive. Who would have thought that sesame seeds on top of almonds would be a good combination? Well, it doesn't hurt that there is syrup in there too. This is a sweet treat that could add a few pounds to your flesh if you keep eating them, but oh so yummy. Thanks, Cheryl. I love you.

My sister also went to Croatia and bought me this letter opener and key chain set. I needed a letter opener because as much as I love mail, I didn't have one until now. It's awesome, but my sister is more awesome. 

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Limner said...

Your sister is SO awesome! :)