Saturday, March 7, 2015

More lovely mail in my mailbox

It's a gorgeous day here in Vegas. The weather is perfect, warm with clear skies. I love the different aromas drifting in the air as I'm outside. I just breathe it in and smile and acknowledge how grateful I am to experience such awesomeness. I am also so thankful that I keep getting good mail. Here's the latest incoming correspondence.

A letter from L. R. in Georgia. I've always adored Minnie Mouse. This made me smile. The thing I love about snail mail is the variety of papers that my pen pals choose. It's never boring.

Another lovely postcard from my sister. This one is from Albania. Of course she beat the card back to the states by more than a week.

Look at the cute stamp she used. It's so cute.

This is an official Postcrossing from Germany.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn! Best greetings from North Germany with a card from Potsdam where I went last week on holidays. I work in Denmark as a teacher. Best Wishes. Christina.

I have some postcards ready to go out but I haven't photographed or scanned them yet.
I hope you all are having a fabulous day. May you all be blessed with the perfect for your area.

Until next time...........


Rebecca said...

Your sister's postcard is really eye catching.

Silke Powers said...

How fun! I love all the mail you get. I don't get a whole lot of snail mail anymore (nor do I write much), but just this week we got three postcards in the mail. That was so much fun!! xoxo Silke