Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Two letters and 3 postcards.

From the Netherlands, a letter and some art. 

From my pal, Jackie.

The three postcards are official postcrossings from Germany, Lithuania, and Poland.

The sender from Germany writes: Hello JarieLyn, greetings from Germany. My name is Richard and I found this lovely Husky card in my winter vacation in the Alps. I'm sure you like it. :) I like cross-country skiing very much and we visited the ? biathlon place in Antholz, Italy. Have fun. Richard.

The sender from Lithuania writes: Warmest regards from Lithuania. I live in a small town near the largest river in Lithuania, Nemunas. I hope that you enjoy this postcard as I do! Happy Postcrossing! Rugile.

The sender from Poland writes: Hello! Greetings from beautiful polish village. It is Wista-City of our ski jump master- Adam Malysz. Maybe you heard about him. Best wishes, Krysztof from Poland.

I really love all the different messages that people write. I never ever get bored with them.  People really do want to send you exactly what they think you will like and they want to write something that will make you smile. Personal expression is a good thing. 

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