Monday, May 25, 2015

Postcrossings Out The Door

Today was a holiday in the U.S. so no mail in or out. I have two postcrossings that I prepared for tomorrow's (Tuesday) outgoing mail.

The above card is going to Russia.
I write: Hello Elena, you have the same birthday as my dad. He passed away in 1993 but I think about him all the time. I know he is here with me in spirit which is comforting. I hope you will have a wonderful birthday this year. I will be on a mini vacation in California during that time, so I know I will be having fun on your birthday. Wishing you much love and happiness in your life. <3 JarieLyn

The above card is on its way to Poland.
I write: Hello Ada, I live in Las VEgas, Nevada with my husband. Friday morning we felt an earthquake. My couch was moving with me on it and the walls were reattling. It was a little bit scary but no damage was done. Have a wonderful day and may you experience lots of sunshine in your life. Lots of love, <3 JarieLyn

I hope all of you are spreading the love around. I'm no Pollyanna but I do like to be positive.

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Rebecca said...

Love the Russian card. Hope you had a good holiday even without mail.