Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Incoming Mail

Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week because of the activities I'm involved with. I hope you all are having a wonderful day so far. Here's the incoming mail that I recieved yesterday.


It's nearly 11:00 p.m. and I am frustrated to say the least. I have made several attempts to add photos from my phone to no avail. For some reason they're not showing up in the que in the photo section. Now, I have to add them the old fashion way by downloading photos from my phone to my computer and then adding them to the post via upload.


My latest Rumpus Letter. I love receiving these in the mail. The writer of this letter lives in New York. It was a good letter. It's so interesting to read how other people's minds work.

Two Postcrossings. The cat is from Russia and the sender writes: Hello! My name is Konstantin. I'm from Moscow. I'm 5 Y.O. I have 1 cat. His name Timosha. Happy Postcrossing.

The London Bridge is from Taiwan. The sender writes: Hi JarieLyn! My name is Sandy. I'm from Taiwan. Nice to meet you. I'm sending you a postcard again because you haven't received my postcard yet. I don't know why, so I send you a postcard again. Hope you'l love this card Take care. :)
(I did receive her original card about a week ago)

I had a busy day. Wish I could have posted this earlier while I was actually working on it during the day. Goodnight my friends or good morning to those of you living in countries that are just waking up.

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Mersad said...

Maybe your could try downloading the blogger app to your phone and try it that way. Hope that helps.

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