Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Puppy and a Kitten!

I love, love, love animals. I especially love dogs and cats and adore them as puppies and kittens.  And I am sure you are going to love these postcards. If they don't make you smile then I'm not sure what could melt your cold, cold heart, because these fur babies are just the cutest ever.

This little guy is from France.
The sender writes: For you this little dog as you like! As you, I love any animals. I love a cat called "OLYMPE". Best regards, Catherine.

This little sweetie traveled all the way from the Czech Republic.
The sender writes: Hello :) My name is Romana and I send you hello from Czech Republic :) I read that you like shoes. Me too. I have a lot o high-heels shoes and other style :) My favorite season is summer too. I like swimming and sunbathing. Best Wishes. Romana.

Two little cutie patooties wishing you a good night.

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