Friday, June 26, 2015

Polka Dot Cuties, Bagpipes, and Purple Leaves

Greetings from the hot, dry, desert. Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. Here are some recent incoming Postcrossings that I received.

This ought to cool you down. 
Two polka dot cuties from Great Britain.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, I hope you'll like this cute pair! They seem to be having fun! :)

This card comes to me from Bulgaria. My first card from this country I believe.
The sender writes: Hello, Greetings from Bulgaria! I'm Andon and I live in a beautiful small town of Smulyam. The region is famous with its folklore music. The Rhodopes are a birth place of the legendary Orpheus. He can charm all living things and even stons with his music. The sound of 100 kaba bagpipes in one place is amazing. Best wishes.

A pretty postcard from Belarus.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn, greetings from Belarus. I ahve my english exam tomorrow but I haven't prepared for it at all. :D  Hope I'll be lucky enough to pass it. Try not to leave such things for the last minute as I do. Best wishes. Have a nice day! Irina.

I just love how everyone is so different in what they write, and yet we are all so much alike too.

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