Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sealed With Wax

Hello and good evening.  I can't recall the last time I received a letter sealed with wax, but today was one of those days.  Not only is the letter sealed with pretty wax, but the envelope has some colorful drawings on it that are so adorably cute. The letter comes from a fellow blogger who also loves mail. I am more than happy to link you to her blog, but first I want to make sure it's all right with her before doing so.

Notice that it comes from South Carolina. I love the south.

So cute. I wish I had a talent for drawing. I really do.

Update:  Here is a link to the sender's blog.


phonelady said...

wow I am honored that you enjoyed it all and I especially like the wax seals just glad it did not melt and of course you can link my blog ...glad you liked the envelope ....I do try to do my best and want my pen pals to like them too . I have now officially put my postal carrier in awe . He stopped me yesterday at the mailbox and said everyday he waits to see what is on the envelope , he said I do indeed send some colorful mail . Glad you liked it .

~JarieLyn~ said...
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Limner said...

I recognized her style the second I saw the first image. LOL. I've searched for her black cats, which are cool, but the envelope is most likely in a recently archived box now.