Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 Well Filled Out Postcards

Good afternoon. Today is my perfect kind of day. I woke up early and there was nothing pressing that I had to do, nor anywhere I had to be. It feels good to not have to be stressed out about doctor appointments, personal appointments, or household errands. Maybe it's the air that is making me feel so good. It hints at the possibility of rain and I can smell it. I love it. I also enjoy the little bit of humidity. Yeah, it feels like home, but somewhere far away from my current home. I dream.

A Postcrossing from China.
Sender writes: Hi JarieLyn! I know you like cute map cards. So I pick out this postcard. Hope you can like it. I love dog too. My family had raised a Schnauzer. I called it Douding. I like it very much. Every day with him together but because of various reason, it is no longer live. I always feel sad for this. Look forward to your reply.

This Postcrossing comes from Portugal.
The sender writes: Ola' Jarielyn, (hello in portuguese) I was born in Rio de Jainero, Brasil, and always like to travel. So when I did 23 years I decide to see the world! Now I am 37 Y.O. and I am taking my PhD in Coimbra. I fell in love with the city (and my husband :)) So I chose this postcard. It is a special edition in celebration of 725 years of the University of Coimbra. It is where I pretty much live, because beside studying I also work as a jounalist. I hope you like it! Best. Karine.

This little tiny angel comes from Russia.
Sender writes: Hello JarieLyn! My name is Katherina. I live in Tver, Russia. I hope you like this "angel" card :) on it is the words of Coco chanel and Sharon Stone. "If you were born without wings-let them grow." and "What vounts in life is not how you fall but how you rise!" All the best, Katherina.


Rebecca said...

It must be lovely to get art in the mail!

phonelady said...

I love em , I really do . Have not seen anything from you in the mail did I miss something ? Let me know thanks .

VioletSky said...

I have a couple of cards of the artist in your last one - I really like her style.

And your NUTS box is crazy. I was wondering how long they'd keep up that kind of packaging....
then I googled it, and they've been in business for over 85 years!! ooh, and they ship to Canada!!