Thursday, July 23, 2015

I have a confession to make

Good morning loyal readers.  I have a confession to make. I have dual personality traits. One side of me is very detailed and organized while the other side of me is quite chaotic and messy. My office as a whole is pretty cluttered, however, there are a few spaces within my small confine that I think are very organized and I would like to show you that area.  It's mostly the area where I store all of my stationery and art supplies. I am always inspired when I read a blog post about storing mail/art supplies so I hope that my post might give someone else a bit of inspiration or an "aha" moment.

My office is tiny and the layout is sucky. There is a built in desk which was already here when we bought the house so it makes everything kind of limited on where I put things. My work station/desk area faces west. The drawers in the picture above face south, but they are arranged on the north end of my office.  If I swivel my chair slightly to the right, my elbow touches this storage chest. Yes, that's how tight my space is. Ugh! You can kind of see what I store in the drawers- paper clips, highlighters, washi tapes, self inking stamps, and miscellaneous.


Washi tapes take up two drawers.

Right next to the first storage chest is another one.  This is still within an arm's length and I can access everything quite easily. The black drawers contain business related items for my doTerra oils and the Make-Up Eraser. This is also where I store all of my etsy items that are currently listed for sale or about to be listed. The mini storage chest on top in the middle is one I have my hands constantly in and out of.  It's where I store all my glues. The green and purple krates house sticky notes, and then you can see the green and white polka dot can where my pens are.

A look inside. I use the glue sticks for mail art and for gluing my handmade envelopes. I use the other glue on the far left more than any other glue. This is what I use to moisten and glue my vintage stamps to envelopes. Then there's double sided tape which I also use on my envelopes.

The drawer containing some etsy items for sale.

The postcards I enclose with every etsy order thanking my cusomers.

These set of drawers are next to the bookcase that is next to the black storage drawers. This is not within reach but it's not something I need to use constantly. Starting from the bottom up, this houses some of my paper goods including stationery/writing papers, handmade envelopes, photo papers, miscellaneous papers, address labels, and another drawer of miscellany.  Next to this I have a table with two large printers. One that does everything and another that is a photo printer that can print up to 19x13 photos. And underneath that table is a set of teal storage drawers (like the black ones, only more narrow with just 4 drawers). The table with the printers are on the East end of the wall. 

All handmade envelopes, most by me, but some by others who sent them in a swap, etc.

Next, in another post I will show you the rest of my storage for postcards, notecards, greeting cards and more stationery. 

Did I confess that I might be a tad bit of a hoarder when it comes to paper?
Well, consider this my 2nd confession.

Now go have a wonderful, creative day.


Rebecca said...

I think we share the same dual personality!

phonelady said...

youre a hoarder ? no way hoarders are not organized like you ...