Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From Arizona to Taitung County Taiwan

This Postcrossing is traveling to Taiwain.
I write: Dear Sabine, I love writing in my journal. Each day when I meditate, I get a word of the day. At night, I will reflect on the word and write in my journal how it impacted my day. It's a great way to gain insight and a deeper knowledge of myself. <3 JarieLyn


phonelady said...

oh my gosh you keep a journal as well so do I ...I used to keep one that if I found something on the ground like a piece of paper or something different I would glue it in the journal is that crazy ? I don't think so cause I called it my junk journal I wish I could find it now . Oh well here is to post cards , letters and junk journals and just plain journals and the sanity we keep with them .

phonelady said...

this is the story behind that angel you saw . Poor thing has been dropped more times than I can remember she is missing one hand never did find it to glue it back on . A co worker gave me that angel after my first husband passed away and the angel is holding a bird and the co worker knew I liked birds so she thought that the angel would fit the bill and it did and still does . It came from house of Lloyd she bought it from them I don't know if they are still in business even .Hard to believe that I have had that for 17 years and she has moved quite a bit with me . She is a timeless and I love her and I love angels as well. thanks .