Friday, July 17, 2015

A Nutty Delivery

One of my new favorite places to shop on-line is at They have so many good snacks, lots of organic and raw foods that are healthy. I only discovered quite recently-i'd say within the last two months or so and I've already placed several orders. Not only are the snacks good, but the packaging that it comes in is super cute. Also, in every order they always send a free sample of one of their delicious products to try for free. I love this place. Here's what I received in today's mail.

Doesn't this box just look so inviting? Who wouldn't want to tear right into this?

Cute, huh?

Even their packing slip is cute. 
I just love this place. The products are high quality and I use them all in my smoothies and for snacking. 


phonelady said...

im just gah gah over the packaging ...that is too cute ...Now about the playset stove pictured is the one like she had not the one she did play with . sorry guess I should have made that clear . Thanks for asking though . glad to see another post from you and such a cute one too . All of you posts are so neat . Take care and stay hydrated in this heat .

Lynn Bishop said...

I want to order from them just to get the box! My son and my husband have been eating peanuts like there's no tomorrow. Personally, I prefer almonds. I will check it out!
Wait til I write you another letter. I have stationery that you'll like. :-)

Limner said...

You're a nutter too! I think I saved the box from my daughter's order, so it's probably stored in the garage. :) It'd be hard to ignore such creative packaging.