Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Traveling Postcards

Good evening my friends. I am finding it difficult to start my replies regarding pen pal letters, however, I am not having any difficulty at all with swaps. I apologize to those to whom I owe letters. I will get in the groove eventually.  Thanks in advance for sticking with me. I actually started a reply a month or so ago and never finished the letter. Hopefully, I will finish it tonight.

Here are some postcards I received recently from some swaps I joined.

I believe this is my first comic book postcard. I'm glad it's superman.

This card is from the same swap, different person.

I received a couple of postcrossings today as well.

This is my very first 3-D card. It's pretty cool in person.  It came from Annette in The Netherlands.
She writes: Hello JarieLyn! Greetings from the Netherlands! I hope you will like this card. I also love animals. We have a chocolate brown labridor, Edlyn is her name. She is my avatar. Travelling is also my hobby! City trips to Berlin, Barcelona, Rom but also Italy and Norway. This year we will go to issabon, Portugal. I am looking forward!! Wish you all the best! Annette.

This Postcrossing traveled all the way from Taiwan.
The sender writes: Hello JarieLyn! My name is Jessie, from Taiwan. I'm 14 years old and going to graduate from junior high school this May. I'm so exited, but also feel nervous about the big exam which is coming. I so wish that I can do a great job!! Hope you'll like this postcard. Happy Postcrossing and have a nice day.  So cold today.....

This is for a swap I joined. It went out yesterday.

This is also for a swap I joined.

This is also for a swap I joined.

I have 13 postcards traveling for my Postcrossings and I'm waiting patiently for someone to register a card so that I can send another one. Sometimes waiting can be a real drag.

Stay tuned. You don't want to miss out on my give-away coming up within the next week or two.

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Laura said...

Oh, I absolutely love that kitty card!