Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear pen pals......making progress

Good afternoon. I have spent my morning writing, which means I am making progress on my replies to outstanding letters. Out the door, are three more. Pen pal letters, that is.

A envelope decorated with washi tape. Obviously this is an international pen pal but I don't want to spoil the surprise so I'll keep my mouth shut on which country it is traveling to. I have several international pen pals.
This one is traveling to California to a potentially new pen pal. If she reads this blog and she's psychic, she may just figure out that it's for her.
This letter is traveling to the south and it is long overdue. I mean months and months overdue. I hope I made up for the late reply by writing a long enough letter, and brightening the envelope with some colorful artsy doodles.
Incoming Mail:
Yesterday I received the most lovely decorate envelope from a swap I joined.
You can not tell from the photograph, but everything is collaged, including the coffee cup.
Inside the envelope were three unwanted postcards (swap-bot) and an extra something to make me smile.
The three unwanted postcards.
The extra something included little drink umbrellas.
This lovely origami envelope that is only about 2"x 2". Inside were some stickers and I loved it for the creativity. It's awesome.
I also received this vintage postcard from another swap on swap-bot. (an interesting fact on a postcard)  I haven't googled the translation yet but It looks like Christmas greetings, etc.
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Hawwa said...

The last one isn't a Christmas card. You can use it all around the year, because the translation is, more or less: "My warmest thoughts for you".