Sunday, February 2, 2014

Postcrossings and swaps

Good morning my friends. I awoke this morning feeling like I had been run over by a semi truck.  My arthritis is prevalent in my hands which makes writing and typing very difficult. 
But, I'm an optimist and I affirm to myself that I am in perfect health and that my arthritis is in remission. In the law of attraction and the law of physics you have to write down your desires as if they have already been obtained.  So, that's what I do. Eventually, my subconscious will actually believe it and I will have healed myself with my mind-and maybe a few crystals.

My outgoing mail for the past couple of days:

Five postcards for a swap I'm in at swap-bot.

Another swap.  Postcards inside the envelope.

Another Postcard swap.

Incoming Mail:

Three Postcrossings from Belgium, Germany and Hong Kong.

1. Sender writes: 
Greetings from Flanders, Belgium and all my best wishes for a happy 2014. I am Elena and I live in a small village called Putte very close to Mechelen, antwerp region... these house date from the 16th-17th centuries. They say, that the house in the middle, De Duiveltjes (The little devils) is one of the most beautiful wooden facades in Flanders. Happy Postcrossing! :) Elena.

2. Sender writes:
Hello JarieLyn. Nice greetings from Sven. I'm a 40 years old single from Oldenburg but at the moment I'm staying during the week in Bad Munder. It's a small town near Hanover. It's for further development. This card shows the town hall. I like listenimg to music, reading books and watching series, movies, soccer and formula 1 on TV. I hope you are well and healthy. Have a good time with the best wishes, happy postcrossing. Sven

3. Sender writes:
Dear JarieLyn, Hello! Greetings from Hong Kong. I am Sally. I also love listening music. I love a Taiwanese band "Mayday" ver much. I recommend their music for you although they are the rock band. They also do not have song in heavy metal. Recently I also enjoy Korean pop music. Sally.

I'm thinking about doing a give-away very soon.  
Stay tuned for an announcemet of the dtails within the next one to two weeks.

Have a great Sunday every one.  Enjoy yhe super bowl.

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