Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Torn and a whole lot of postcards

Hello my friends. Now that the week-end is over it's back to the daily grind. I hope you all are doing what you love to do. It's amazing how passion can propel us forward and lead us to success and joy.

I am happy to report that I had some good mail this week-end, however, there was one postcard that made me feel broken-hearted. Well, that's a slight exaggeration but you'll know what I mean when you see it.

Torn!  Yes, this is how it arrived. Although, I do appreciate good travel marks and scrapes, this one is just a bit over the top. You would think that the postal clerk would have at least tried to tape it back together, but I suppose they are just too darn busy to provide superior customer service.
The card is an official Postcrossing that came from Russia.
The sender writes: JarieLyn, Hi! Greetings from Russian small town of Naro-Fominsk. I love animals and reading too. So I loved the book by Konrad Lorenz "King Solomon's Ring." She's funny and interesting. All the best! Alexandra.
Silly rabbit, feathers are for Indians Native Americans.  Ha ha.
 This is a Postcrossing from Lithuania.
The sender writes: Labas-Hello-JarieLyn, best regards from cold Vilnius. We really miss the heat. I hope to you it does not lack in Las Vegas. :) Snow is beautiful, but not for long. This bunny is gray, but in the winter it becomes white. Much happiness!!! Rimvidas. Happy Postcrossing.
Two postcards from my friend, Deyanira.
Two Postcrossings from Germany.
1.) Sender writes: Dear JarieLyn, greetings from Tuebingen, an old, little and very pretty student city in Southwest Germany. You can see our market place with buildings from the 15th and 16th century. It's a real pleasure to walk there and have a coffee or drink in one of the little cafe's or pubs. Have a great time and enjoy your life. Tony.
2.) This Diddl card was written on by several people. It is really adorable on the back.
The senders write: Hello, in a world that is so darn funny, make sure that you are open to laugh or you may be missing the joke. Paul
Love my mom and daddy.
Have a great day!
(there is a Chinese stamp and that is smeared and the sender writes that it is a proverb)
Both of these cards are from Russia.
1.) Sender writes: Hello! Writing you from my workplace. Now is dinner, so I have some free time for watching series "Arrow" hehe. After, I'll go to post office to send this postcard. I hope you'll like cute doll. Have a good day, bye bye. Sasha.
2.) Sender writes: Hello. Privet. Many warm greetings from frosty (-9'c) Russia. Have a nice day! Svetlana.
She then translates the quotes on the postcard:  Sharp-sightedly only one heart: the most important eyes you will not see.~Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
Angels hear the thoughts, so it is enough just to think about good. ~Audrey Makarevich.
My first Postcrossing from Norway.
The sender writes: This is a photo of Voringsfassen in Norway, the most visited waterfall in the country. It has a single free-falling drop of 182 meters (597 ft). there is also an interesting flora in the area with more than hundred species within 20 meters. The area is called Mabodalen and we like to call it the Norwegian Grand Canyon. :)  Lillian.
This Postcrossing comes from China.
The sender writes: Dear JarieLyn, Hi! I'm Juris, a chineses student. This card is about a Chinese festival, Qingming Festival, also called Pure Brightness FEstival, and the traditional food, Ay Tsi. This bright green dumpling is made from glutinous rice flour. Artemisia and fillings like peanut. Hope you like it! Best regards from China. Juris.

Well, I do have some more mail to post, but I will do that later as I think this post is long enough.
I wish you all a happy and stress free day.

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Hawwa said...

What is amazing about that broken postcard is that the two halves arrived - ?!

My mail have suffered some accidents in way (http://mailadventures.blogspot.com/search/label/accidents%20in%20way) but not so bad. It's a pity, specially because it was a pretty postcard :(