Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm an extraordinary penpal

I received my free stationery from LEP for extending my membership another year.
I received two slightly different writing papers, matching envelopes, and some postcards. I love the envelopes. I wonder who will receive a letter by me on this stationery?  Even I, do not know.
A Postcrossing from Latvia.
The sender writes:  Hello! greetings from Latvia! I hope you'll like this little doggy! He is way too cute. :) Happy Postcrossing! Gune.
A Postcrossing from China.
The sender writes:  Hi! I am Patricia. Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I had a wonderful sleep. Just now I received my first digital camera that I bought yesterday. It took a long time to make this decision. I am going to walk in the park and take some photos of this amazing city. Live is wonderful, isn't it? Have a nice day!
This is a Postcrossing from Great Britain.
The sender writes: Dear JarieLyn, greetings from England! My name is Heather and I am 13 years old. On your profile it says you like colourful cards and beaches so I thought this might suit. My hobbies include rock climbing, art, drama and climbing trees with my friend . (though we always get stuck!) Las Vegas seems an amazing place to live! Though I've never been. Maybe I will visit one day. Love Heather. x
This card I have received once before from my pal John who lives in the UK. Now I have 2.
I received more notecards from a notecard swap. These are a nice variety.
That's it for today. Make it a good one in your neck of the woods.



Hawwa said...

The postcard you received from China would be among my favourites. And I love the message: "Life is wonderful, isn't it?" :D

The Artful Diva said...

it's always interesting to see what arrives in your mailbox!