Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Letters, Swaps, and Postcrossing: Outgoing Mail

Yesterday, I busied myself with the task of completing swaps, writing letters and postcards.

One of these envelopes is for a notecard swap and the other one contains a postcard and some extras for the Adventures of the Traveling Postcard swap.
A pen pal letter to Jackie.
A pen pal letter headed to John.
A Postcrossing headed to Pennsylvania.
I write: Hi Jessica, I'm writing to you from my home in Las Vegas, NV. I love to read anything about the occult, metaphysical and paranormal. However, one of my favorite books has nothing to do with any of these subjects. It's called, The Instant Millionaire-A Tale of Wisdom & Wealth. It's a cute story with real life lesson. I try to read it at least once a year. :) Wishing you much happiness. <3 JarieLyn
This is a Postcrossing on the way to Taiwan.
I write: Dear Zoe, I could eat Mexican food everyday, but that would be very bad because I'd probably gain 200 lbs. My favorite Mexican food is a chile relleno. It's a mild chile pepper stuffed with cheese and fried wit an egg batter coating and then topped off with a mild sauce that can be varied in how it's cooked and how it tastes. I'm wondering if you have ever had Mexican food in your country. Wishing you much laughter. <3 JarieLyn

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Laura said...

Who's the artist on the card you sent to Pennsylvania? That's quite a great card!