Saturday, March 1, 2014

I can't believe that the week-end is half over already. I'm a little behind on posting mail but I'm still sending and receiving oodles of it.  I probably won't post everything that's come in and gone out, but I will post most of it.
First some Postcrossings that I sent.
This one is traveling to Germany.
I write: Greetings from sunny Las Vegas! The weather is perfect to start riding my bike again. Life is beautiful even when some circumstances are ugly. Embrace each moment and peer beyond the surface to see the magic that it holds. Wishing you all the best. <3 JarieLyn.
This one is headed to Taiwan.
I write: Hello Lucas, the world famous Hoover Dam used to be called Boulder Dam. I prefer the latter. Anyway, it's just past noon here and I'm already thinking about what to make for dinner. Last night I made beef stroganoff and it was pretty good. My husband really like it. :) Have a wonderful day and a happy life! <3 JarieLyn
This one is traveling to Belgium.
I write: Hello Raquel, it rained earlier today in Las Vegas but it didn't last long. The sun came out from behind the clouds and cast its rays across the valley. It's nice to be in a warm climate and I am grateful that I do not have to shovel snow. I hope you are doing well. Much happiness to you from me. <3 JarieLyn
This one is on the way to Lithuania.
I write: Dear V, greetings from Las Vegas. Every time I mail a postcard I feel like I'm sending love out into the world. That's why I like Postcrossing so much. It's my way of smiling at a stranger to whom I've never laid eyes upon. It's a great feeling. With this card, I send to you good vibes and lots of well wishes for a happy and healthy life. <3 JarieLyn
This is a postcard swap which are inside the envelope.
I have received lots of good mail over the past week or so.
A package from my pal Lynn.  She always writes the most awesome letters.  Also, she sent me a really nice gift that is so very thoughtful and I will cherish very much.  Sorry, no picture.
A card from Randall, who enclosed a little something extra. It was very thoughtful of him.
From my pal Rachel. She also enclosed something that she thought I might be interested in. 
All of the above letters and notes came from kind hearts. I felt very lucky all week long for the amazing thoughtfulness that came my way.  Thanks to all of you for sharing your generosity with me.
A Postcrossing from Hong Kong. I really like it a lot.
The sender writes: Hello Jarie! Many greetings from Hong Kong! :) My name is Vivian. I like photography and travelling too. And summer is also my favourite season. Although it's really hot in HK but I love the symbols of summer, like gold fish, watermelon, hydrangea, snow ice (dessert), fireworks etc. It's way like more in Japanese style and I planned to visit Tokyo in the coming summer :) Wish you all the best! Vivian.
A Postcrossing from Taiwan.
The sender writes: Hello, JarieLyn. Greetings from Taiwan :) My name is Quak! The back of the card is Mt. Ali. During Chinese New Year, it's filled with people, ha ha! Lots of family plan a trip there. (Because there's a cherry blossom) BTW I live in Kaohisung, we have 85 sky tower! I usually go to Siziwan to have a cup of coffee. I really enjoy that wonderful moment. Hou you can visit there one day! Best wishes :) from Quak.
This is a Postcrossing from the Netherlands.
It's not a postcard, it's an actual photograph that they sent in the mail.
The sender writes: Hallo JarieLyn, (the rest of it is in another language).
This is from a swapper for a notecard swap I joined on Swap-Bot.
From another swapper for a notecard swap.
A letter and some postcards from my pal John. Yep, I was the recipient of lots of extras this week. :)
So, I have more mail to post but I think I'll save it for another day. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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