Monday, January 26, 2015

Clearly, not the norm

Hello my lovely peeps. I've been in such a creative mood lately. Every day I wake up and I want to create art. The only downside to that is that I can't really draw details or paint details. (well, sometimes I do okay) But I keep slapping some watercolors on some pages because I love how the colors look. It makes me feel cheerful. I never know what it is that I want to do but I feel guided to just create. And so I do. I don't have an art journal per se' but when I'm creating it feels like I'm making a visual piece for a journal.  The other day I was creating and I decided I would write a pen pal letter on my pages and send it in a clear postcard sleeve. This is clearly stepping outside of my normal box.  But, I wanted to make my letter stand out, be different, and at the same time spread some colorful cheer across the country for the postal workers and for my dear friend to whom it's written.
The computer screen does not show how colorful this really is.  The only disadvantage to sending a letter this way is that if you use vintage stamps like I did, they don't stick very well to the plastic. I had to secure the edges with packing tape, leaving the body of the stamp alone so that the post office can postmark the stamps. And of course, you know that everyone who sees this envelope during its journey will try to read what it says. So, if you're a private person or you have some juicy secret to share, than I suggest leaving that for the middle pages so no one can intrude upon your privacy.  Of course, you could always cover up the writing with stickers and washi tape.

On the last piece of painted paper I wrote a couple of quotes. This is the back of the envelope. You know, it still makes it fun, but again, I'm not revealing any secrets to the universe. Yeah, the good stuff is in between. Don't you wish you could read it all?  

So make some art, write a letter on it and send it in a clear envelope so you can share your creation with the postal workers.  I used a 5 x 7 postcard sleeve for the envelope.

Have a fun and creative day!


Mersad said...

I haven't written a letter in a long time, but this is really a neat idea, and I like how colorful it is.

Mersad Donko Photography

Rachael Farmer said...

ooooooooooo....see, now I'm addicted to your blogs!You write beautifully - I'm hooked, and really glad you visited my own little blog. If you EVER want an arty letter from the UK just shout! There's little in life more awesome than happy mail! Sending hugs - Shroo:)xx