Friday, January 30, 2015

Liberate your art

Good afternoon lovely peeps. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been feeling quite creative lately and in order to keep those creative juices flowing, I signed up for Liberate Your Art over at Kat Eye Studio. It's a postcard swap, but it's much more than that. The premise is that you create a piece of art whether it's via painting, sketching, drawing, photography or mixed media. Once you create your piece of art, you have it professionally printed onto a postcard (or you can make your own) and you send 5 postcards to the organizer of Liberate Your Art and she sends you 5 postcards in return created by 5 different artists.  She lists a resource page that will help you determine where to get your art printed, etc. Why don't you click on the above links and sign up for the project. It's an annual thing so it only happens once a year. Don't miss out. Get creative and send your art on a journey.  I will post mine once I get them on postcards. I can say that I created a doodly piece of art and I also have some colorful photography that anyone would love to receive.  But until then, I will share two postcrossings that I sent out a couple of days ago.

This dehydrated fellow is going to a young lady in Portugal.
I write: Dear Margarida, it is nearly midnight and I am wide awake. Earlier tonight I met with my psychic development group and then my firend and I went out to dinner at a place called Ghenkis Grill. this is my first postcard to Portugal. I'm always excited when I get a new country to send to. I live in Las vegas, but I traveled to Arizona last year for a weekend get-away. Many blessings! <3 JarieLyn

This picturesque beauty is traveling to India to be with Ashok.
I write: Dear Ashok, you don't see this type of landscape in Las Vegas unless it's a garden in somebody's backyard. I hope this card meets your expectations for your request of flora and fauna. You must see all kinds of amazing mail working in the postal department. Wishing you much happiness. <3 JarieLyn

I always sign my name with a heart first. It makes me feel like I'm creating more love for the universe when I do that. 

Go have an amazing day my lovely peeps. I adore every single one of you.
<3 JarieLyn

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