Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Outgoing Postcrossings of The Year

I did not realize that it had been so long since I mailed a Postcrossing. According to my profile, the last postcrossing I sent was to Russia in September of 2014. No wonder my mailbox has been empty. I just haven't been writing or sending anything to receive anything in return. It's true what they say, you've got to give exactly what you want to receive. It's just how the universe works, not just in the postal system but in all areas of life. It's universal law.

I decided to mail five at a time to start with since I am allowed 14 to travel at this time.  The first postcard is headed to The Russian Federation to a woman named Vera.

 Vera likes anything related to Christmas and prefers those types of postcards. I got this one from the Pottery Barn of all places. I was there buying my brother a wedding gift and saw a tin of vintage reprodcution postcards so naturally, I bought it.  I didn't write much to Vera because I don't think she speaks english. I wrote her name in artistic syle and said a big hello. I wished her happiness and love and that is all.

I had to honor the King's birthday month by sending out at least one card with his image. The Elvis postcard is going to Colorado to Mary Esther. I told her what a fan I've always been and how I went to Graceland for my honeymoon which was a dream come true.

This postcard is going to Stefan in Germany. He really wanted a postcard that showed football or football stadium, but unfortunately, I don't have any postcards that represent football. The Kentucky Derby racetrack isn't exactly football, but it's an american sport. I told him how going to the Kentucky Derby had been on my bucket list for years and I finally realized that dream in May of 2014. I told him how exciting and amazing the energy was.

Jac in the Netherlands loves collecting postcards depicting churches. Well, since I live in Las Vegas, I had to send him a postcard with a wedding chapel on the front,  Wedding chapels have always been a huge thing in Vegas. It's part of our history and one of the things we're famous for. Elvis once married at the Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel. Again, I'm honoring the Kin'gs birthday month.

Emily in China requested art cards or cards with plants and animals. I'm not particularly crazy about this card and I think it's ugly. However, I think it will be perfect for Emily. I talked about my parents and how they go out dancing at least four times a week and how much I wish I could do the same.

Well that's about it in a nutshell. Speaking of nuts, I'm craving some almonds right now.

Have a great day everyone and I will touch base on the next round or whatever.

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