Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An angel to watch over you

Good afternoon lovelies. This morning I woke up to an awesome text from my esthetician telling me to come in to the salon for a complimentary microdermabrasion facial. Well who am I to turn that down. It's normally $65.00 for this service and I got it for free. Not only that, but she also gave me a couple of gift certificates to give to my friends. ( I was already planning to buy one for somebody) So, I tipped her $50.00 because really what she gave me was worth four times that amount. I am one blessed lady. What does this have to do with mail? Well, nothing but it is a prelude to the first postcrossing card I'm about to show you.

Outgoing Mail:

This little angel is on her way to Natasha in Russia.
I write: Dear Natasha, I'm sending this angel to watch over you. Of course, there are angels all around you all ready, but one from me to you is special. I send you positive thoughts with divine love from my heart to yours. May the angels keep blessing you all the days of your life. <3 Peace and happiness to you. <3 ~JarieLyn

These two beautiful creatures are headed to Svetlana in Belarus.
I write:  Hello Svetlana, it's currently raining here in Las Vegas, Nevada where I live. We don't get much rain here in the desert so it is a nice welcome. I turned 50 last year. Yikes! I am a positive thinker. I believe in the law of attraction and that we create our circumstances by what we focus on. I talk to angels and spirit guides and I am currently studying to become a Reiki Master. I love my life. <3 sending positive vibes your way. <3 JarieLyn

This postcard is going to Emma in the UK.
I write: Hello lovely Emma. I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada but I travel to California a lot, which is where the image on this postcard is located. Congratulations on becoming a pediatric nurse. I am studying to become a Reiki Master. I believe in both Eastern and Western healing modalities. Love from my <3 to yours. JarieLyn

This touristy card is traveling to Megan in Taiwan.
I write: Hello megan, I have lived in Las Vegas since 1998. There's lots to do here, especially for photographers. We have one of the best camera clubs in the world, with over 300 active members. You can check us out at We have phenomenal photographers in our club and you can see some of their photos on the website. Wishing you much joy. <3 JarieLyn

This linen postcard is headed to Australia for Amber.
I write: Hi Amber, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I believe this is an actual vintage postcard of Hoover Dam, not a reproduction. (not 100 % sure) I spend most of my days creating art, blogging, reading, and watching TV. Tonight I'm looking forward to watching Vanderpump Rules. :) Make your life awesome. <3 JarieLyn

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Rebecca said...

Lucky Natasha, I wanted to say that because I like the sound of her name. :) Such sweet messages you send. They are sure to make the recipients happy. I'm 55 and haven't been to an esthetician but I really want to go. Any advice?